BigBang 2015 World Tour MADE 5+5+5

Yea, I ended up going for both shows of the Singapore leg of BIGBANG 2015 WORLD TOUR, MADE after all.

The original plan was to attend just the second of the two shows in Singapore this weekend, and to catch all the shows in BKK. Unfortunately, the BKK trip didn’t happen for a myraid of reasons, and we ended up only pre-booking our tickets for just one show of the Singapore leg.



Was prepared to live with it. After all, since I became a fan sometime in early 2011 (through the GD&TOP ALBUM!), i’ve watched something like eight full BigBang concerts, caught their performance at two F1 events and one year-end countdown, and also gone for the YG Family concert in Singapore. I even went for the GD solo concerts in Singapore and BKK, as well as the GD-YB-SR fan meeting in Hong Kong last year.

So I had more or less accepted that I was gonna catch just one and only one MADE concert.


About two to three weeks ago, maknae asked me if I was keen to buy the cheapest category and just catch the first show. I said OK, but when we got to checking the tickets, practically everything was gone. So I told maknae maybe we should just forget it.

Yea, in case you haven’t heard, BigBang is kindda big globally. Not just in Korea or in Asia, mind you *beams with VIP pride*


I found myself with a bit of time last weekend, and my itchy fingers went to check out the latest vids uploaded on the BIGBANG YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I watched a couple of them, the HK one and also the most recent Dalian (China) one.


And oh boy, how I yearned to watch them live again after watching those!

Like I always tell everyone, the magic of BigBang is their live performance. Compared to other idol groups and all, BigBang is really not that much fun on variety show. Not on their own. They need good emcees who are familiar enough with them to draw them out. But if left on their own, they’re not incredibly fun to watch, like the recent Naver Starcast epis HERE and HERE

If you’re keen to watch their appearance on variety shows, you can check out THIS FAIRLY GOOD RESOURCE. There’s one more HERE that’s good too, but am not sure if some of the old links still work.

I strongly recommend their debut series, Intimate Note, 2D1N, all their appearance on Strong Heart (there’re many!), and in more recent years, HEALING CAMP, GO SHOW, COME TO PLAY and this just out very recently, HAPPY TOGETHER.

And oh, don’t miss GD&TOP on NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, it’s my all-time fave!

GD had some pretty awesome outing on his own too, like on HWASHIN (with Daesung), and also on Infinity Challenge (IC)! He had been on it three times on his own and you can watch his latest together with BFF YoungBae in IC HERE. Hehe, GD once said he’s a IC fan! And oh, in case you didn’t know, IC is also the most popular and longest running variety show in Korea. They just celebrated their 10th anniversary!


Anyway, back to the concert… So mid-week last week, I received a kakao message from maknae,

Maknae: Unni, the nearer the date, the more I think I shold go! >.< I haven’t watched their concert for so long… and this is gonna be the first and last for this year… I’m thinking to get the cheapest $88 ticket with blocked view. Let me know if you want ^^

Me: Hehe, I watched some of the recent con highlights, soooo gooooood!

Maknae: Because hor, I keep thinking about how we also once paid around the same price to watch from the last-est row, lol! I think about it every night!

Me: Every night arh?! Hahahaha! Yea, I also missed those Seoul concert nights tbh. OK, I’ll go.


Turned out that the organizer had released more tickets last week after everything was sold out. But these were the $88 tickets which they referred to as ‘audio seats‘, meaning they came with obstructed view.

Oh well, guess beggers can’t be choosers. Oughta be thankful there were even tickets available at all! Yeaps, that’s how we ended up buying the cheapest category for the first show so last minute!

So for Day 1, we had the cheapest tickets and were sitting at the ‘mountain-top’, and for Day 2, we had the most expensive tickets (other than the VIP package that came with soundcheck passes and merchandise).

And guess what? We enjoyed ourselves at both outings!



Here’s us, smiling away on Day 1. Taken from our mountain-top seats.



And Day 2…. Omo, we’re sooooo near!



So, what’s 5+5+5 in the blog title all about?

Hehe, I wanna share five things that never change, five things new that I’ve learnt, and five things that happened at the MADE concert.



1) I cannot, yea, simply CANNOT resist watching them live!



2) I will scream lots during their concert. Especially whenever GD or TOP comes near… hehe!




3) I cannot sit through their entire concert. Yeaps, it’s standing for at least 70-80% of the time! Gotta ‘fess up, I usually take a mini break and sit down during Seungri’s solo segment.


4) I love love love love love the crown lightsticks!



5) The withdrawal symptons kick in even before the last show ends. EVERY SINGLE TIME. Yea, the more I see them live, the more I wanna see them live.



1) Audio seats are actually quite decent and value-for-money!


2) Get into the premises with enough time to buy a bottle of water. Coz the screaming, ahhh… the screaming…

We didn’t have water for Day 1, and i really regretted it heaps! So today, hehe, not only did I buy water, I even bought beer!


3) When it comes to BigBang, just buy the tickets to all the shows if I can make it. Saves the trouble of scrambling for tickets later, haha!


4) Singapore really sucks at fan events, hehe! The BLUE OCEAN MISSION failed on both days. The flashlight event for If You met with better success tonight, but mostly coz the flashlight from cellphones was sorta a similar colour as the crown lightsticks, hurhur!


5) You’re never too old, too young, too male, too female, or too anything to attend BigBang concerts.

For Day 1, we actually had a whole family seated next to us. Papa, Mama and two young daughters (below 10 years old). They ALL stood throughout, sang and waved their arms throughout. The two young ones could even sing the latest songs! And the not-so-young Papa was very much into it too!



1) On Day 1, all of us seated at the first row in our section went from our seats to stand at the railing for a closer view. We were standing like that for over two hours before the security came to shoo us back just those couple of steps back to our seats. Crazy, ya? We had been standing like that for over two hours and they had to tell us to move back just for the final half hour or so?!

They even told us to sit down.The best part? Nobody listened, and we continued to stand near the railing and they didn’t bother us afterwards.


2) Some security staff were stationed on ground level and looking up to check which fans were taking photograph or recording. And they would beam green laser at the fans when they spotted anyone doing so.


3) They distributed water to the fans at the moshpit! Nubadddd!


4) While we sucked at fan events, the singing in Korean has improved lots! Having watched BigBang performance in Seoul, KL, BKK, HK and Singapore, I’d say we had always been the worst. But whoa, gotta say we’ve improved lots and this time around, the singing was much louder and stronger.

Impressive! We’re almost there now!


5) It’s a field day for wuri maknae whose bias is Daesung. She’s flashing an old banner today with the message ‘Daesung, I only look at you‘. Coz we were so close to the movable glass bridge thingy, he saw her with the banner! *SCREAMS!*

Actually I suspect he’d seen it earlier, he was just wayyyyy too shy to acknowledge it, hehe! But oh boy, when he did muster the courage to acknowledge her, he did it with such aplomb and gusto! He was practically performing right in front of us for over a minute… and leaving us for awhile, only to be back again, smiling, singing, dancing, and yes, even pumping his chest.




It was quite  hiliarious how maknae went weak-kneed and was alternating between wanting to scream, giggle, faint and jump. So busy, fwahwahwahwah! She was such a happy girl!

Tonight, what a beautiful night.



I had soooooo much fun at these two shows, especially tonight’s. Our seats are fabulous, and we were very close to the stage. The mood was so high even the boys felt it! Seungri even asked to change one of their encore songs to something he could dance to! So instead of Feeling, they sang GDYB’s Good Boy (I love that song, that beat, woohoo!)

Know what?

I’d almost forgotten how devastatingly goodlooking TOP is! Omigod, that chiseled face and those eyes! But all it took was one look at him when he strolled out for the first time last night.


Definitely the visual for the group, or at least one of them (coz I see GD as a strong visual, heehee!) Sooooo… goodlooking for what?! Got money take meh?!



But what a wacky fella with weird dance moves! And he’s sometimes seemingly stuck in his own funny world! But somehow his 4D personality and peculiar habits just add to the whole appeal.



GD is the leader of the group. In fact, I see him as someting akin to the soul of BigBang too, since he’s so involved in the production of all their albums, and he writes so many of their songs. What an amazingly talented person. And the repertoire of the songs he can create is nothing short of spectacular.

His stage charisma and the way he plays on stage is so riveting to watch. So much power and draw in that waif of a body what wears everything so stylishly.

And in some ways, he reminds me of Peter Pan. What an interesting fella, just as TOP is, but these two are different kinds of interesting.



And Youngbae

Ahhh, I marvel at GD’s and Youngbae’s English, how the heck can these two boys speak English so well? It’s great when they can actually communicate directly with us. I remember some of the super-awkward talk-time that happened at some Kpop artists’ concerts or fan meetings. Aigoo…!

I love love love his live performance of Eyes, Nose, Lips!

Will own up that I hate that shirt! And he even wore it for the filming of INFINITY CHALLENGE when GDYB went to meet Kwanghee for the first time!

And he’s such a ball of energy onstage. I can still remember how he’d once told Lee Hyori while they didn’t grow all that much in terms of height, they’d grown lots in terms of passion.



All in, both nights were MORE THAN FAB!



Maknae and I are totally regretting not trying harder to catch them in BKK. But thank goodness we decided to catch Day 1 too, else we would be left with even more regret. Shhhh…. we’re even checking to see if we can actually catch at least a couple more MADE concerts at other cities!

Okie, am gonna leave you with a fan-made MV of one of their latest releases from MADE, IF YOU. It’s a slow number, and it’s also one rare one where all five BigBang members sang!

And oh, this is the one that Papa Yang said it’s BIGBANG’s SADDEST SONG YET, AND ALSO HIS PERSONAL FAVE. Take a listen, it starts with TOP’s very low croon!