Sorry I was missing in action for so long!

Actually I was away for a fairly long trip. For those of you who know me personally or who have followed my various old blogs would know that I (try to) take my parents on a family trip every year.

So what happened last year? Nothing!

Hee, so that’s why I had made a pretty last minute decision to bring them to Seoul last month! although it’s already crossed over into 2013, the trip was to make up for last year.

We had spent a week from 12th to 19th Jan in wintry Korea!

Will find time to blog more about it. But meanwhile, you can check out our trip photos HERE.

After my parents left, I had stayed on for another two weeks for my own Seoul hols with girlfriends! In fact, EMZ arrived the evening that my parents left Seoul! It was a wonderful trip and even my bestie Rene had flown over for a week with us.

Did you know that was actually my 10th (GASP!) trip to Korea already? yea, I had gone there enough times to NOT do touristy stuff everyday of every trip. I’m normally quite happy to just relax and chill and basically just ‘live’ my hols like a local, keke! The eating part’s always great.

And me…. (polar bear inside, in case you didn’t know) love love love the cold weather!

My only complaint about the trip? It’s, as usual, too short! I was already missing Seoul even before I boarded the plane to come home!

One lovely thing happened on the last day of my trip.

Emz and I were in a maxicab heading to Incheon Airport and the very moment we stepped out of the vehicle, snowflakes started falling from the sky! I KID YOU NOT! It really really really started snowing the instant we got out, not a moment sooner or later!

As our lovely Korean chingu said to me, the snow was a present from Korea to me coz I love Korea so much! That made the parting a lot easier, to be honest. And of course, it was a perfect closure to our trip!

I’ll be back to blog somemore, k? Meanwhile, Happy CNY!