About BB ♡





我是很爱BigBang, Epik High (Tablo!!) 的B型闷骚摩蝎座



1) I am BB from the super-duper hot Singapore.

2) I can’t live without my cellphone.

3) I’m more textual as opposed to visual, and i love love love words, so it’s only natural that I love love love to read and yea, also write.

4) I’m one of those who can take an awfully looooong time to warm up to people, yea, terribly terribly awkward socially. Introverted, most definitely. Hate parties, hate networking. Not sure if it’s people I hate or peopling I hate.

5) I adore my old and dear friends, but ain’t the sort to really make a huge effort of trying to keep the ties warm and toasty.

6) Eating is quite possibly one of my biggest ‘vices’. I really really really love to eat. This also explains how I got THIS big.

7) There ain’t many things that I’m afraid of. If I really have to name one, well, maybe it’s the heat. I suspect I’ve heat intolerance and I strongly advocate that heat intolerance be recognized as a genuine health condition. So in corollary, I’ve a marshmallowy soft spot for the fall and winter seasons; the colder, the better.

8) Essentially, I’m a true-blooded Capricorn with B blood type who adores BigBang and Epik High (Tablo Tablo Tablo!!)

9) Just one more! Don’t be misled by the blog name, Happiebb. I’m really very extremely old, LOL!