Brow Season 3D Korean Eyebrow Embroidery (Tattoo) in Bangkok

Hello…? Hehe, I haven’t yet forgotten about this blog, you know. Time and time again, I keep telling myself it’s time to, ermm, make a comeback, but stuff like work and rest-on-weekends get in the way. I check the site stats once in a while, and despite no updates for months on end, it still sees over 15,000 views every month.

One of the most popular blogposts here has gotta be the one on ME DOING MY EYEBROWS IN KOREA. Truth is I’ve not gone back to them since, but I do have friends and friends’ friends and friends’ mothers who had gone. Most seemed happy enough with their brows, but I heard that prices kept going up though.

I have been wanting to update on this. I actually feel kindda bad that blogpost’s still there for everyone to read when I’ve stopped going there myself.

So where have I been doing my brows?

BROW SEASON IN BANGKOK! Cheaper and nearer! Of course there’re also many beauty salons and even work-from-home beauticians offering 3D eyebrow tattoo or embroidery here in Singapore, and some of them are actually very good too. But hey hey hey, who wouldn’t want an excuse for a getaway, hehe!

I started going to Brow Season about two to three years back, and that was after a friend referred me to a blogpost where THIS VERY PRETTY THAI BLOGGER SONONUI shared her 3D Korean eyebrow embroidery experience. She ended up with such loooooovely brows that even her hubby went for his eyebrow embroidery after her, LOL!

Do check out Sononui’s blogpost as she shared quite many photos, including the process and the post-embroidery photos. She also shared her hubby’s before and after photos. In fact, if you go to Brow Season now, you can probably still see a promotional standee from Brow Season with Sononui’s photos.

Do they speak English?

Language is still gonna be a problem here like in Seoul since the beautician at Brow Season doesn’t speak English fluently. But you can bring along photos of the brow shapes that you like to show her and she will get the job done. Opposite her shop is a hair salon and if all else fails, you can pop over to ask for help. They have stylists who speak English and they’re very friendly and helpful. Anyway, it’s basically the same embroidery process as the one in Korea.

I’ve been there quite a few times, twice for my own brows, once to bring my mom and a few times to accompany my friends, and we all had no problem. And yeaps, I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty happy with our brows and most of us have gone back to her again.

The morning after

My most recent visit was in February this year (2017), and I took these pics the morning after. The brows were sorta glistening (oily looking, LOL!) coz I’d applied the lotion all over them.

As you can see, the brows were still very dark since they’re ‘freshly’ embroidered. These were before scabbing. My scabbing started earlier than my friends’, from the third or fourth day onwards. When the brows were scabbing and peeling, you might look a little more unkempt than usual, but hey, bear with it. You’d have nice-looking brows really soon!

Hehe, yessss… I decided to get my eyeliner tattoo from Brow Season too!

A few things to note.

  • Try to avoid the brows coming into contact with water.
  • Do not peel off the scabs.
  • Apply the lotion thingy that they give you.
  • And yea, be patient!

    I have really oily skin, so my brow embroidery usually doesn’t last as long as others. For most people, it’s usually OK to go back in about 10-12 months, but I need mine done sooner.

    Want to know how my brows look now? Here you go! This was taken in June when I was in Seoul.

    This was also taken in June, and yes, wuri maknae’s brows were also done at Brow Season, also in February this year. And hehe, yeaps, we managed to catch GD’s solo concert when we were in Seoul!

    How much is it?

    It’s usually 4,900 BHT. Why do i say usually? Coz she has charged us lower prices before, but probably coz there were a whole bunch of us, so you know, bulk discount.

    Anyway, check out the Facebook page for promo prices, or PM her to ask. Her response is usually not immediate, but so be patient.

    Where is Brow Season?

    It’s located at a building called Parklane located in Ekkamai, about 10 minutes’ walk from the Ekkamai station. If you’re going on a sunny day, I recommend taking the taxi coz the walk towards Parklane is unsheltered and can get quite hot.

    If you’re taking the BTS, take the exit where the (very nice!) Thai tea stall is. Hehe, buy the Thai iced tea and drink it along the way!

    Parklane looks like this. Not much of shopping, although there’s a supermarket at the corner. It’s mostly beauty services here. Yeaps, you can get your hair done here and get some beauty treatment, including Botox here. Just pop in and out!

    Brow Season’s on the second level, so take the escalator up once you enter into the Parklane compounds.

    ZZANG! We’re here!

    There’re just two little rooms in the small shoplot. This is one of them.

    If you’re also interested to try Brow Season, you can send PM her on FACEBOOK. And no, this is not a sponsored post. I don’t even think she remembers me, LOL!

    Brow Season
    2nd floor Park Lane Ekkamai
    Sukhumvit Soi 63 or Ekkamai Soi 2
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Tel: 080-773-8412, 080-076-3778

    Image Credits: Sononui

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