Taling Pling, One of My Fave Restaurants in Bangkok

Bangkok is like every other Singaporean’s fave getaway place. Young or old, guys, gals or anything in middle… it’s near, it’s cheap and it’s familiar. I’ve even heard of peeps who go like every other month.

I’ve also started hopping over to Bangkok these few years. If not for the hot weather, I even think I’ll go every month, haha! Nope, I ain’t there for the shopping. Me too fat and too old for the fashion there. Their OMG-mini-sized clothes… ‘One size, free size‘. Hah, they might as well say, ‘One size, supermodel size‘.

So why do I go, if not for the shopping? It’s a cheap weekend holiday when you just want a break from it all. A de-stress weekend from work. A giggles-filled weekend with girlfriends.

An escape.



Unlike most who like to stay in hotels in the Pratunam area (which is near the shopping area), I prefer to stay AWAY from there.

To be honest, I dislike the Pratunam area. Too crowded, too noisy and just too much. I like staying at nice hotels at, say, Sukhumvit area. And I’d spend my days leisurely and lazily, eating, sipping coffee or beer, going for massages and generally, REALLY having a holiday.

Heard of those peeps who go to Bangkok, wake up at 5AM to shop at wholesale markets and then just shop, shop, shop the whole day? No, just no. I dislike hols when I have to wake up even earlier than work and when it’s even more tiring than work, hehe!

Intend to share some of my fave places to go, things to do and perhaps even hotels that I like in Bangkok. I blog at whim, don’t have what publishing calendar, outlines of blogposts and all those. I just blog about whatever, whenever I feel like.

Someone mentioned that I seem to be able to blog pretty ‘fast and furious’. Yea, that’s because I don’t plan don’t proofread. I just seat myself in front of my comp or iPad and just let my fingers fly all over the keyboard.



The ‘preface’ is sometimes as long as, if not longer (haha!) than, the main body. And I don’t care. I just type, finish it and hit ‘Publish’. That’s why I’m fast. Hehe, one of the perks of being a super-small-time blogger whom nobody cares about. I just blog my heart out. Who cares if I misspelt something, or if my grammar’s bad? Who cares if I yak about my feelings more than I do about my fave restaurant in Bangkok?

My blog, my space, my say.


So now, after ‘wasting’ some 450 words, I’m ready to talk about one of my fave restaurants in Bangkok, Taling Pling.



Taling Pling has been around since 1992. Wahhhh, over 20 years!

By now, they’ve a few outlets in Bangkok, and it seems like most bloggers visit their in-mall branches. A cursory check online shows that while most diners like the consistently good food, prepared by fresh ingredients and all, the service standard has lotsa room for improvement. Which is a tad surprising, considering how service staff in Bangkok are mostly courteous and smiley.

Anyway, all my visits to Taling Pling has been to its standalone outlet at Thong Lo (or Thong Lor or Thonglor, same same). I love that building, the deco and the dashes of pink!

And it’s just different dining in an in-mall out vis-a-vis a bungalow of a restaurant. It’s definitely more leisurely and relaxed in the latter. The entire dining experience is just wayyyyyy nicer. Your senses are more heightened when housed in such nice compounds with no shopper distraction and stuff. I like! And I like very much!

The best way to get there is by cab. Cab fares ain’t expensive in Bangkok anyway. The walk from the nearest BTS station is quite ridiculous, especially with our kind of summer-all-year weather. So don’t, just don’t.


Here, the entrance.



Rather spacious carpark area when you step into the compounds.



Hehe, these are what greet you right before you step into the building.

In case you’r wondering, the tuk-tuk works! You can ask the restaurant to ferry you out to the nearest BTS station or to the main road when you’re done with your meal.




The inside of the restaurant.

Understand that this was the childhood home of the founders of Taling Pling, and their children had, in more recent years, redone the place to this awesome-looking restaurant.




Hehe, here’s a pic of me and my girlfriends during one of our trips.



There’s outdoor sitting too!

Even if it’s too hot to really sit outdoors if you’re there for lunch, it’s still a nice sight to take in when you’re sitting in the comfy air-conditioned indoors.





The menu at Taling Pling is quite extensive.

First off, the drinks. Ahhhh… the drinks! Plenty of refreshing concoctment to suit every palate.



Think you can go no wrong with most of the dishes here, so you can go on ahead and order your fave Thai dishes. Menu’s pretty extensive with almost 100 items, including appetisers, yum (sour and spicy Thai salads), stir-fries, curries, rice and noodle dishes, etc. Oh, vegetarians need not fret too! There are sections dedicated to vegetarian fare.

Although practicaly most dishes are good, I understand that their signature dishes include yum pla salid Taling Pling, which is crispy fried fish salad. Gotta say I really love the Thai version of salted fish! Not too salty, just niiiiice! The grilled pork with fried egg is supposedly one of the best in town too. And not to mention the spicy shrimp paste, crab roe and crabmeat dip!


Those who know me know that I’m not normally a fan of vegetables and peanuts. But THIS…. had me eating out of my own hands…! So fabbbbb I cannot!

Miang with ground pork awakens the palate with an explosion of flavours when all the ingredients (pork, garlic, green chilli, peanuts and taling pling fruit) are wrapped in betel leaves.



Didn’t know I’d end up blogging about Taling Pling when I was eating there all those times, so sorry, no blog-worthy pics. I just grabbed whatever I could from my own FB and plonked ’em here, hehe!





Don’t leave without ordering the desserts. Again, quite some items to choose from, and you don’t always have to order mango sticky rice, hee!



Although these ain’t exactly cheap by local standards, they are very very affordable. Definitely a place where you can give a treat to your friends, hehe!

Here, check out one of our bills from one of our Taling Pling outings.



Remember to take that tuk-tuk out, even if just for the fun of it!

Still not convinced? Check out THIS REVIEW and also read what THE PEEPS AT TRIPADVISOR have to say.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s own food and travel blogger, Ladyironchef also included Taling Pling as one of BANGKOK’s 12 BEST THAI RESTAURANTS.


Add: 25 Sukhumvit soi 34, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 0-2258-5308-9 (Reservations recommended)

ตะลิงปลิง 25 สุขุมวิทซอย 34 กรุงเทพ 10110
โทร 0-2258-5308-9


Image Credits: Emz

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