A Quick One on Halloween Horror Nights 2015 (HHN5)

Just a quick one on Halloween Horror Nights 2015, or what some people may call Halloween Horror Nights 5 or #HHN5. This is the fifth year that Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is running the Halloween Horror Nights. Have you been to any yet?

Me? This is the third time in a row that I’ve gone! Yeaps, I had gone on a HNN5 preview last night!

Like I was updating on my Facebook last night,

2015.09.30 拖著極不舒服的身體,還頂著那惱人的煙霾,今晚我們終於戰勝了鬼屋和嚇人區!難怪人們說女人很難讓人理解,明明知道會超害怕,但又抵不過那十分誘惑人的刺激!嗯呀,俺今年還是乖乖地去報到了,媽媽常說的無三不成禮果然是真的!原本就喉嚨痛,現在嗓子都啞了。奇怪,我都沒怎麼尖叫啊,搞蝦米… ^.^;




Me not feeling well, so will make this a quick one and try and sleep earlier tonight. Yea, it’s a life-long battle with myself to go to bed earlier. Too bad my body has refused to listen to my head for the looooongest time…



I recommend you follow the following sequence, although H2 and H3 are interchangeable, so you can swop these two around, depending on the queue condition. Don’t wanna spoil it for you, but I personally think the build-up of emotions and all is optimized with this order.

H1) Siloso Gateway Block 50 (it’s SG50, geddit, geddit?)
H2) Hell House
H3) Tunnel People
H4) True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT


H1) True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT
H2) Hell House
H3) Tunnel People
H4) Siloso Gateway Block 50

Sharing some pics of Siloso Gateway Block 50 and the MRT.

h sg 50

h mrt 1



Personally, I’m not so scared of aliens and outer-space whatchamacallit, so The Invaders were just very sci-fi and all.

h invaders 2


ConTerminated feels almost like a haunted house coz the zone’s pretty enclosed and there ain’t as much roaming space and all. Quite scary, right to your last step out of the zone!

h conTerminated 1


My personal fave is the Hungry Ghosts scare zone. The rich colours of the Asian Chinese culture and and the setup were just fab. Each of the scare actors also takes on a dramatically different character and the whole getup – costumes, makeup and poses – was mighty impressive. Ya, scary too!

I was a little spooked and made a rather soft nasal sound. OMG, one of the scare actors heard me and came close to ask me, 你怕我?

Abuden??! 俺當然是TMD非常害怕啦!

h hungry ghosts


Noticed that some of the photos were watermarked Dejiki.com? If you haven’t heard of this (wonderful!) blogger, he’s actually a huge fan of theme parks. So his blog is basically a fantabulous resource of all things related to theme parks. He’s a very complete archive of blogposts and pics from the past Halloween Horror Nights too!

Anyway, there’re more HHN5 photos on his BLOG, so check it out!


Oh, he’s just posted a survival guide for HHN5, read HERE.


The official HHN5 website also details the concept of each haunted house and scare zone, and there’re even interactive games for some of them. Click HERE for sneaks! The haunting music playing in the background gets kindda hair-raisingly scary after awhile if you’re all alone and it’s late at night. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Ticketing details HERE. If you’re wondering what’s the fuss with the R.I.P tours, read more HERE.



– Wear comfortable shoes
– Dress comfortably, thin breathable fabrics are better
– Big bags can get in the way, sling or no bags are best
– Bring a small bottle of water with you; it gets hot in there
– If you’ve portable fan or even paper fan, bring it along
– Gotta keep moving in the haunted houses, so don’t stop to take pics
– Feel free to take pics with scare actors at the scare zones
– Grab your companion’s arm or hand tight, stick close and brave on!
One important thing to remember, the scare actors ain’t supposed to touch you, just as you’re not supposed to touch them either. But they may come really really really close. Like REALLY close! If you spook easily, just tell yourself it’s alright, they can’t touch you.

And hey, each haunted house is only five minutes or less, and scare zones are less scary. Chin up, chest up, grit your teeth and just walk on.

And oh, read THIS ARTICLE FROM LAST YEAR about how some poor scare actors were treated poorly by the visitors. Don’t be like them!


For those of you who have never been to HHN, I guess you probably have only one question on your mind: Is it scary?

Yes, darlin’, it is.


But it’s also great fun and great excitement. And the darnedest thing is it’s so addictive that you keep wanting to go every year once you’ve had a taste of it. So now, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Leaving you with one preview vid of HHN5, it’s a MUST-WATCH.


Image Credits: dejiki.com, dejiki.com/, halloweenhorrornights.com.sg

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