LKY: ‘It’s Only Rain.’

Wrote this the weekend before last weekend, but didn’t want to hit the ‘Publish‘ button. Kindda wanted to wait for a rainy day (or night?) to post this. Haha, waited a whole week for rain, nothing. There’s only the blardy haze.

Hehe, I waited NINE(!) days to post this!

Anyway, stumbled upon this Facebook post a couple of weeks ago.


It’s only rain.
A little story that says so much about the kind of man Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) was.


I’m probably being overly-romantic and reading too much into things, but hehe, I really like the idea of how there’re some rather significant LKY-events that happened on days when it rained. Guess it makes things seem more unforgettable, more visually impactful. And yes, the drama. Ohhh… the drama, keke!

Did you read MY EARLIER POST ON LKY’s 1985 RALLY SPEECH? Yea, the ‘game of cards‘ one. It was raining too! And LKY feared none of the rain and soldiered on with his speech, yeaps, no umbrella of course.

And then there’s Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) back in 1968.

That’s three years after Singapore’s separation from Malaysia and it’s not just about a parade, you know. It’s about whether us, as a miniscule baby of a nation, would be able to carry on with the parade, pouring rain and all.



Not hard to guess LKY’s decision. Not hard at all.

Watch this! Apparently Catholic High‘s band had (has?) always been a ‘regular’ feature on our National Day Parades. So this programme tracked down a few boys who were part of the 1968 band and interviewed them! They could still remember how they had to wake up at some ungodly hour and how it was so cold that day they were all shivering and even their teeth were chattering!

They said even the ministers and all did not budge, so how would they even dare to run or hide from the rain? But they also said it’s all the more memorable and meaningful coz of the rain. Nice!

And ooooh, a very very young PM Lee Hsien Loong‘s also in the clip!


Incidentally, if you’re in a nostalgic mood, I found a very interesting clip covering our very first National Day Parade held in 1966. Check it out HERE. Nope, no rain for that one.

And of course, it just HAD TO rain on the day we sent off our founding prime minister. People, so mannnnnny people, lined the streets on the day of his funeral for a FINAL FAREWELL to the man who had changed many of our lives. Including mine.

I found this clip showing the 1968 NDP and LKY’s send-off. Sung by Jack Ho, this song is adapted from ‘The Day It Rained On Our Parade‘. Lyrics can be found in the YT LINK.

It’s a nice one, so watch, k?


One of the saddest days in a very very long time… and on that day, the nation braved the rain together to say goodbye.


Here, two more very watchable clips remembering that very surreal and very special week in March.


Will wrap this post with LKY’s SPEECH by looping back to that wet August day back in  1995 when he officiated the opening of UOB Plaza. There’s one ‘important’ personal takeaway from reading his speech.

In the early Fifties, when I was a new young lawyer with Laycock and Ong, I had to attend to UCB’s (United Chinese Bank) simpler work. I met Wee Keng Chiang, then the Chairman and Managing Director of the United Chinese Bank. He was a tall, slim, energetic, highly intelligent and very sociable man. When I visited him in his home in Kuching in the middle Fifties, he entertained me lavishly. He said the secret to his health and energy was daily swimming and champagne.


Me making mental notes. Am super inclined to believe that the secret to a fulfilling life is to adopt the ‘It’s only rain‘ mentality with a dash of champagne.


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