GE2015: This is Not a Game of Cards

Am sure some of you would have heard this quote from Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) about how

‘This is not a game of cards. It’s your life, and mine.’



Poignantly apt during this time, I thought.

By the way, I got the image above from a neat deck done by SLIDECOMET, and there’re quite a few more cool quotes where this came from, so check it out. And oh, it’s apparently based off an article on EIGHT LESSONS YOU CAN LEARN FROM LKY.

Wondering where this quote came from? Well, apparently it was from his rally speech way back in 1980. Yes, to a full crowd and it was raining too!

Earlier this week, PM Lee too held the PAP team at a LUNCHTIME RALLY at Raffles Place. Here’s a vid showing LKY saying those famous cards AND also of PM Lee saying those same words at PAP’s LUNCHTIME RALLY a couple of days ago.

WOW. Just WOW.

He’d said,

The opposition (is) still parroting these words, the compassionate society, free medical services, cheaper PUB bills, cheaper bus fares… Who pays? Who creates wealth? Look at the buildings around you.

Mr Jeyaratnam says we’re obsessed with profits. I say, ‘YES! That’s how Singapore survives!’

(If) we have no profits, who pays for all these? You make profit into a dirty word, and Singapore dies.

But believe, you, me. The fact that this education has gone on for 20 years doesn’t mean that a new generation will automatically get that education. You have to transmit that knowledge. Human beings are not like computers, you know, you can take one computer back, plug the terminals, and all the data from one computer back can go into another.

But human beings start with fresh minds. You get a newborn child, he grows up, completely blank. Input from parents, input from friends, input from teachers. But no input is as vivid, as lasting as his own experience. And because his experience is one of tranquility, of perpetual progress, from an attap shed to a two-room flat, to a four-room flat, to a point block flat, to a five-room flat, to an HUDC, into the private housing estate, so he believes that is the natural course of nature.

It isn’t so. You unscramble this. The confidence, the organisation upon which Singapore thrives and you had it.

So when you cast your vote, remember, it’s sacred, because it’s something you can’t change for the next five years, by which time, irreparable harm would have been done.

And let there be no mistake about this. Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a card of games. This is your life, and mine. I spend a whole lifetime building this. And as long as I’m in charge, nobody’s gonna knock it down.


All of 35 years ago, and his words are still so sharply relevant. And oh, there are (good) speeches (like THIS) and there are (WTF) speeches (like THIS and THIS, but very very few are as good as LKY’s.


And I so agreeeeeee with this comment I saw on one of the WTF vids.



Image Credits: Slidecomet

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