GE2015: Chan Chun Sing ‘The Poor Don’t Need Money’

I was very angry last Friday.

Yea, I know, I’m like a little late. OK, OK, more like super duper late in Internet GE2015 time.

Remember CHAN CHUN SING’s RALLY SPEECH at Delta Hockey Pitch? Yes, that speech I love. That speech that gave a glimpse of the fire in his belly, and yes, I saw a little bit more of the Chief of Army that night.


Anyway, one of the things he had touched on was on helping the poor. Here’s what he had said.

Many people want to speak up for the poor. I’ve been in MSF for four years. Many people think that just because you give money, you can solve the problem. I say NO. If you’ve walked the ground, if you’ve talked to the social workers, if you’ve worked to the community leaders, you will know. The most disadvantaged in our community needs more than money. They need care. They need concern. They don’t need people to make grand speeches. But day to day, they need people who can visit them, to touch their lives, to encourage them when they are most down and out. And this is how we will care for all residents of Tanjong Pagar. It’s not just about giving money. We will find the money to help them, but more importantly, we will mobilise the community to take care of one another as One People, One Nation, One Singapore.


And guess what? One terribly irresponsible site, States Times Review (STR) had taken SG’s words totally out of context. Won’t give the link since the last thing I wanna do is to drive traffic there. It’s started by Alex Tan (you can check out his FB posts since quite a number of his posts are public and see what he’s up to), who used to be an editor on THE REAL SINGAPORE (TRS), a real evil site profiteering from made-up articles or at best, half-truths. (There’s another interesting blogpost on TRS HERE too.)

Anyway, STR tore SG’s speech to pieces and twisted his words totally out of context and published an article headlining ‘Chan Chun Sing: The poor don’t need money, they need Care and Concern’ and went to (mis)claim that’s what he had said.

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If you haven’t watched the speech, here, at least watch this of the part Chan Chun Sing spoke about helping the poor. The vid is less than a minute.


A couple of channels were outraged and took to the Internet to try and dispel this malicious attack, like HERE and HERE.

But hey, we all know that the clarification updates don’t travel even half as far as the offending news, so I guess the damage’s done. Kindda sad that even after so many years of using the net, and people knowing jolly well not to believe everything they read on the Internet, we still get people falling for these things.

The part I’m really really really annoyed about is how people don’t bother seeking the truth. I mean, how is it even possible that a minister would say something like that? Besides, Chan was the Minister for Social and Family Development before he joined NTUC. SG would be the last person to say something like that.


If you wanna hear what he really said about the $300 for every child and $500 for every elderly person, check out his speech HERE.


Wanna leave you with a very interesting 5-minute clip of Chan Chun Sing explaining how social spending works in Singapore.

I must say it’s nearly-educational for me, as I had no idea! As tired as I am from being bombarded with #GE2015 news online, and as upset as I sometimes am from some very negative posts I see, there is one thing good that has come out of all these. I’ve actually learnt a little more about my own country.

It’s just five minutes, and he actually manages to explain it in a rather easy-to-understand manner. Hehe, if I can understand it, so can you. Lord knows how much difficulty I had with Economics and graphs and stuff when I was in school…


(10/9) PAP added a second clip of Chan Chun Sing sharing his thoughts and experience on helping the less privileged in our society.


Image Credits: HWZ

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