Adult Coloring Books!

I really love love love the Malay foodstall at ORP food court. Went there again to buy lunch.

And… popped into Evergreen stationery shop on the same floor to buy these!



Yeaps! I’d bought fibre-tip pens, colour pencils and a sharpener! Hehe, wondering why?

Am sure some of you would have heard about THE CRAZE OF COLOURING BOOKS FOR ADULTS from awhile back?

I’ve been fascinated since then, and have been wanting to get my hands on one of those beautiful colouring books. But me dilly-dally and somehow didn’t get around to ordering them online to be shipped to Singapore. And as with most things, it didn’t take long at all for these colouring books to be available in Singapore.

So yea, a friend helped me get a copy from Kino using her Kino card.

Thanks, M!



So right, I was very excited with my new toy(s), and was telling my colleague C about it. Here’s how the convo went,

Me: I bought adult colouring book!

C: Say whutttttt…?!

Me: You know, right? It’s quite the rage now, adult colouring books.

C: So what do you colour? Sexy body parts?

Me: (………)

Me: Nooooooo…!! I meant colouring books for adults, not really ADULT COLOURING BOOKS! No nekkid bodies!!


C didn’t seem to believe me, so here goes!



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