Of Cockscomb, Wine and Birthday

So, we were out for a little birthday celebration for Emz last night and found ourselves at a yakitori restaurant at Robertson Quay.

This was one of the first items on the menu.



Kanmuri (cockscomb)… and I went, ‘What the heck is that?!’

Guess many customers must have asked that same question I did. The restaurant provided this in the menu!



Ahhh… cock’s comb…! *giggles* But who would eat that?! I mean, who on earth would even think of eating that?!’

So we proceeded to order one of the sets and some a la carte items. Nope, we didn’t order cockscomb.



But oops… a stick of cockscombs was sent to our table! We asked and was told it’s part of the set. Arh, OK…

I picked one up and ate it… and WHOA! I was completely blown away! It was yummylicious!



Hehe, never say never!

Anyway we were at Shirokane Tori Tama at Robertson Quay. It’s supposedly one of the best yakitori places in Singapore, even CNN recommended it as the best three yakitori restaurants in Singapore. You can check out more reviews HERE.

Apparently, Shirokane Tori Tama opened its doors in Singapore back in 2009 and has built a rather strong following of yakitori lovers.

Did you know that this is actually of the famous TORI TAMA YAKITORI RESTAURANT in Tokyo? And Shirokane is actually an area in Tokyo Tori Tama in Japan is actually so famous that even renowned chefs have named it as ONE OF THEIR MUST-STOPS WHEN IN TOKYO. Nope, I’ve not visited any Tori Tama in Japan, but you can check out some pics and notes HERE.


The Shirokane Tori Tama in Singapore looks like this.



There’re counter seats and then the rest are all tables. Smallish place, think the overall seating capacity should be around 50 to 60 people or thereabout.

I like that the place is not at all smoky, and not too bright nor too dimly lit. When we were there, it was not too rowdy or noisy, neither was it too quiet. Just nice, I’d say.

Yakitori actually means grilled chicken, although most yakitori places grill lots more stuff than just chicken. Shirokane Tori Tama does specialise in chicken though, and yes, that includes all the exotic parts, hehe!


First, the heart’s served.



Then, the windpipe!




The skin! Ahhh… the skin! *screams!*



Then came a flurry of different chicken parts (like liver, glizzard…), meats and lord-knows-what that I started to lose track of things, and just focused on the EAT.

Practically all were fab. The (mostly ‘shio‘) seasoning, the grilling…. the taste was rather addictive. The meat was a perfect mix of tenderness and crunchiness, and the kick was just OOOPMH!



Omigawd omigawd omigawd, they have ox tongue…!!

I love love love ox tongue! It’s quite expensive though, compared to the other yakitori sticks (mostly $3-4), the ox tongue’s $12! But goooood!



And like the mushroom lovers we all are, we ordered mushrooms too!



Not sure how many sticks we ordered… but this looks about right.



Oh, we also ordered salad and some fried rice, sorry, no pics, hehe!

Anyway, the satisfying meal washed down darned well with the beer; maybe we should try the sake next time *burps*



If you wanna check out ‘proper’ photos of these goodness on skewers and their prices, you can click HERE for reference. Food blogger or any type of semi-professional blogger I ain’t, keke!

Know what? I’ve long described myself as the photographer of convenience. It it’s convenient to take, OK, I’ll take the photos. Haha, as lazy to move as I am, even if I know the angle, framing or lighting is better from the other side of the road or just two steps to the right, I’ll typically just make do with wherever I am, hee!


If there’s anything not so nice about last night’s experience at Shirokane Tori Tama, I’d say it’s the service. Especially for a Japanese joint, and this is supposedly an authentic one too, since hailing from Japan and all that jazz. But guess I’ll cut them some slack since I do know how hard it is to get help in the F&B sector and how it’s even harder to get good ones.

And oh, think I ain’t alone in thinking the service’s substandard. Quite some unhappy peeps HERE.


It was too early to wrap after dinner, so we decided to go have a drink at THE WINE COMPANY.

Keke, I’m a member there, you know? My fave outlet’s actually this one at Evans, but it’s sooooo…. unfriendly to people who don’t drive! I really like the more laidback and dressed-down feel of the place.



They have superb-value-for-money wine!



It was Saturday night…. and I definitely felt like some bubbly!



Cheese platter too!

But aigoo, the goat cheese in the middle… it’s the FATHER(!!) of all goat cheeses man! Ya, it’s so ‘goaty’ most of us couldn’t stomach it. And yea, this, coming from someone who adores the super ‘pungent’ varieties like all the blue cheeses!



And… what’s a birthday celebration without some (cup)cakes and candles, ya? All our love and warmest of warm birthday wishes for the birthday girl.

Happy Birthday, Emz!
May you find joy and happiness in everything you do.




Shirokane Tori Tama (Yakitori)
Add: 11 Unity Street #01-02 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995
Tel: +65 6836 5680
Hours: (Mon – Sat) 6 pm – 10.30 pm


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