Nine Layers of Steamed Shells!

Watch this! *SCREAMS!*


Some of you might have already seen this. KBS TV program (생생정보통) featured this restaurant last December. That ignited a loooooong trail of customers waiting to sample the yummies from the tower of shellfish, yup, from locals and foreigners.

Not sure if it’s still wildly popular now, since I haven’t had a chance to try it myself. I love love love shellfish anything! Like prawns, crabs, mussels, clams, etc etc etc! So I thought I’ll blog this out so that I can refer to it easily when it’s my turn to go.


The restaurant name is 무한조개구이까까

They’re famous for their nine-layer steamed shells (9단조개찜), or what the Chinese refer to as 九層蒸貝殼. The unique point is that the food is served in layers of steamers.



What’s Steaming in the Nine Layers?

I googled a little to check out what each layer is, so here we go! Believe there could be variations from season to season, depending on the availability of the shellfish.

Layer 1: Cuttlefish, soondae, steamed dumpling
Layer 2: Crab, octopus
Layer 3: Pen shell (Kidney scallop)
Layer 4: Mixed shell
Layer 5: Oyster
Layer 6: Cheese scallop
Layer 7: Clams
Layer 8: Conch, eggs
Layer 9: (Spicy) seafood soup (can add noodles)



I’ve read some blog posts on this restaurant, and most people have said that the nine-layer order can feed five to eight people. This is 75,000KRW.

If you’re in a smaller group, there are smaller options. You can go for the 3-layer option at 39,000KRW, or 4-layer portion at 49,000KRW, or 5-layer portion at 59,000 KRW.

Probably better to go in a bigger party if you wanna have variety.



Words of Caution!

Now I came across a couple of blog posts that said that portion’s really quite big, so by the time they were midway through the tower, they were already too full.

Plus, there’s only one way of cooking if you order the tower, so everything’s steamed without any seasoning, but after awhile, it gets a little bland. Everyone has said that the food’s very fresh though.

So I guess if you’re the sort who likes your food with a stronger taste, then this might not be to your liking, consider yourself pre-warned!


But hehe, many of us are probably intrigued by the towering presentation, so we might still order this for photos. I need to also warn you that if you order the nine-layer tower, it’s too tall to send the food to you at one go. So what happens if they will bring the nine layers to you in two servings.

If you wanna take photos of nine layers, you may have to ask the staff for help, or take them empty after you’ve finished your food.

The restaurant has two types of table settings. If you’re ordering the steamed shellfish, then you will be led to tables without the grill.



What About Grill?

The other types of tables are with the grill. I was saying just now that some people may find the steamed version too plain, ya? So, the grilled version should be more exciting; in fact, it seems like quite many Koreans prefer the grill version.

For the grill version, you can refer to the menu that’s hung on the wall. I understand that the restaurant has added Chinese onto the menu, and someone also shared that they’ve hired Mandarin-speaking staff too.


But just so you’ve a rough idea of how much everything is, I’ll just do a rough trans. Note that prices are subject to change lah, hehe!

Grill (unlimited serving or buffet style)
Adult 18,000 KRW per head
Kids (7yo and below) 7,000 KRW, (13yo and below) 9,000 KRW


If you don’t want buffet style and prefer a la carte order, you can choose to order mixed platter of clams and shellfish in three different sizes (39,000 KRW, 49,000 KRW or 59,000 KRW).

Seafood Kalguksu 5,000 KRW
Seafood ramyeon 4,000 KRW
Ramyeon 3,000 KRW
Rice 2,500 KRW


As for drinks, beer is 4,000 KRW, soju 3,500 KRW and Makgeolli 3,000 KRW and Baesekju is 8,000 KRW. Soft drinks should be 2,000 KRW.



How to get there?
The restaurant is located in a neighbourhood in Bongcheon-dong, near the Seoul National University.

924-40, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
주소: 서울시 관악구 봉천동 924-40
Tel: +82-2-876-8687
** They only take in walk-in reservations
(Mon – Sat) 4pm till late
(Sun) 3pm till late


Bongcheon (奉天站) subway station (Line 2), Exit 6
Take the escalator, keep walking till you come to a junction. Turn left and keep walking till you come to the next junction. You will see the restaurant across the road (right side). Cross the road to the opposite side and walk towards your right.



Updated 2016.03.16
Lo and behold! There’s a new restaurant in town serving up something that’s inspired by this! Check out CAPTAIN K! They’re at Prinsep Street. I haven’t had gotten a chance to check it out though.

Read more about it on HUNGRYGOWHERE.

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  1. Hi there, for the 9 layers steamed seafood, how do they serve for 2 people? 9 layers seems too much for 2 pax…

    1. well, you can always order the one with fewer layers ^^
      and do the 9-layer when you’ve at least 4-5 people.

  2. ** They only take in walk-in reservations

    What do you mean by this? They only take walk-ins or they only take reservations?

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