Shhh… Don’t Tell People about Bistro 1855!

Whenever I find some new place to eat or hang out at, I’m nearly always torn between wanting to tell all my friends about it and wanting to keep the gem of a place to myself.

Of course, if they’re our friends, it’s understandable that we’d want to discover the joy we’ve found. So after pretending to struggle for awhile, I usually just share. After all, just like you can’t keep a good woman down, you can’t hide a good hangout place too, hee!

I’d blogged LAST NIGHT that I’d found a fab place to hang out at BISTRO 1855.

Here, check out the entrance area.


Location’s pretty central and convenient too! It’s located at the ground level (street-facing) of Suntec City Tower 4. Right next to one of the exits of Promenade MRT station. Or you can also alight at Esplanade or City Hall and walk over.

Or there’re buses. I took bus #97 from Raffles Place to Suntec last night.

And nope, you probably shouldn’t drive since the whole idea is to wine and unwind!

There’s a not-too-big but rather inviting outdoor area if you so prefer.


The inside of Bistro 1855. There’re high tables, low communal tables with benches and booth seats for variety.


See, see? Told ya the place’s brighter, breezier than the usual watering holes, ya? Nope, not too glaring too, just right. I like the feeling of space too, and trust me, it’s really a nice place to have real conversations with your friends.

Maybe the place’s new, so the service staff are still not so familiar with the operations yet, but they ain’t rude or anything. Just…. new *shrugs*

This is a look at the bar counter.


And oh, here’s a pic of the wine retail shop, 1855 THE BOTTLE SHOP found within the bistro.


I had very late lunch and also some snacks in the afternoon yesterday, so I wasn’t hungry. Decided not to order any mains, and went for the tapas instead. Hehe, seems like everything under the tapas section is $8!

ZZANG! Olives!

Sorry, bad pic! The photo really didn’t do the olives justice; they were nice and fresh, and all gone in no time, hee!


The Salmon Ceviche Bruschetta!


If you like salmon and tomato, you will like this! The tangy taste of the tomatoes bring out the best and fresh of the salmon, and it sits perfectly on the crispy bruschetta. The layers of flavors that explode in your mouth are just perfect for peeps who adore the excitement of tangy flavors!


Here comes my fave, the Duck Rilette!!


Disclaimer hor…. I love duck meat, so I’m probably biased. But the braised duck and duck fat cooked with special stock and spices served on toasted bread is just heavenly!! The duck meat was nicely warm and the the meat’s from duck leg, so the texture is, whoa, to die for!

Soooooo…. good that I swore to myself last night that I’d order the duck confit the next time I go to Bistro 1855! *MUST!*


And oh, we also ordered the Chicken Wings.

Was a tad surprised when this was served, coz haha, they looked more like KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) than a fried chicken dish from a bistro! To be fair, their chicken wings are actually very tasty, and not at all soggy. The meat’s just right and all too, but still, the pseudo-korean in me still screams for authentic KFC!


All in, I had a good experience chilling out there last night, and I wanna go back soon!

If you’re working at Suntec, then me jelly!! Coz you can go before I go, and you apparently get a discount too if you flash your building or office pass!!


Noticed that Bistro 1855 describes itself like this?

Salad Bar Buffet by Day,
Wine Bistro by Night!

Ya!! Those of you working around there can go check out the salad bar buffet during lunch! Read that the salad bar has over 50(!) salad items! And it comes with soup and ice-cream too! All for only $12.90 leh!

And hor, you can top up $5 for a main course of your choice leh! Five dollars only leh…! So worth it!

Guess I just gotta go back soon! There’re actually two items on the menu that I’m keen to try. One is the Duck Confit ($20), and the other is the Lamb Shank ($26)!!

I saw someone order the lamb shank last night, and it looked… nom nom! Hehe, I even made a point of checking if the fellow finished his food and ya, he lapped it all up! Must be nice then! Can’t wait to try it!

And oh, they also have a projector, so the place’s also good for product launches and company functions or events. Think it can seat about 100 people comfortably, or even 120.


One more thing… (Haha, trying and failing miserably to pull a Steve Jobs here, in case you haven’t noticed!)

If you’re curious about the name 1855 like I am, here’s why! The name’s inspired by the classification of fine wine of Bordeaux Grand Cru Classe which began in 1855!

You can read more about the classification of Bordeaux that is a monumental milestone in the history of wine HERE, HERE and HERE.

Hours: 11:00 to 01:00
Tel: +65 6836 5994
3 Temasek Boulevard
#01-634/644 Suntec City Mall Tower 4
Singapore 038983

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