Of Liking and Hiding on Facebook

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.


I like spending time on Facebook mostly coz of the interesting updates from the pages and personalities that I’ve liked.

And I absolutely detest it when Facebook tries to play God with the posts and updates on my wall and all.

Please lah, Facebook, if I like the page, it is me telling you I am interested to receive all the updates from that page.

It is not me telling you to SOMETIMES shove that page’s updates to my wall.

You mean you didn’t know that even if you’ve liked a certain page, Facebook doesn’t necessarily show you all the updates from that page?

Yes, from the page owner’s point of view, even if your page has 10,000 likes, it doesn’t mean that all 10,000 of your page’s followers will see your updates. In fact, the THE LATEST STATISTICS are reporting that the organic reach of a Facebook page’s post is only about 6%!!!

That means it’s entirely possible that only 600 out of the 10,000 people who have liked the page will have an update appear on their timeline.

That’s why some page owners are doing everything they can to get their followers to like their posts and to leave comments and share… The higher the level of interaction, the higher the likelihood Facebook will push that page’s updates to your wall.


Anyway, I recently came across some fairly interesting articles on liking and not liking stuff on Facebook. Since it’s weekend and I hold dearly to the belief that everyone can do with a bit more reading, I wanna recommend that you read these three articles.




By now some of you may be curious as to why the heck I’m even blogging about Facebook…

You see, I’ve noticed that quite many people actually ain’t familiar with the various features of Facebook despite being heavy users. And many appear to have absolutely no idea the kind of trail they’re leaving on Facebook.

While it’s really no business of mine what nuggets or bread crumbs people leave in their trail, it annoys me to see my timeline flooded with stuff that so-and-so have just liked whatever pages instead of ‘real’ updates.

Contrary to what the people at Facebook think, not everyone is interested to know what pages their friends have just liked, especially when those friends are on some high-speed rampage of liking pages after pages.

Did you know you can adjust your settings to prescribe only certain lists of peeps (like Friends, Friends except Acquaintances or whatever lists you may have created) can see what pages you’ve liked?


Haha, the other way to look at it is that you can now freely like pages without wondering if it’s potentially embarrassing.

Firstly, this is best done on your computer since the the official Facebook app on mobile devices doesn’t have the full desktop features.

But if you don’t have access to a computer, but absolutely gotta fix this right now, you can also do download the Desktop Facebook app. Just search for ‘Facebook desktop‘ in Apps Store.

I use this one.


Step 1:
Go to your profile page, click on MORE, and then click on LIKES.


Step 2:
A page showing pages you’ve liked will appear. Clock on the EDIT icon (with the pen symbol) at the top right corner, and click on EDIT PRIVACY.


This is how mine looks. Hee, I’ve set all to ‘Only Me‘, so only I can see what pages I’ve liked.


Step 3:
Just go through each category of pages and adjust the settings to your preference.


One more thing… sometimes when I open up Facebook, I find myself bombarded with never-ending updates of XX and YY are now friends…

Makes me wonder if these people know how they’ve been flooding their friends’ walls. And whether they’re really OK with the whole world knowing with whom they’ve just made friends on Facebook.


I kindda suspect at least half of them have no idea all these new friends updates are appearing on their friends’ walls, and I’d bet half of this half don’t know how to adjust their settings to NOT show these things.

If you’re one of these peeps I’m talking about, click HERE to find out how to not leave your ‘friendly’ trail all over Facebook.

While we’re at it, you can read THIS to learn a bit more about all the other privacy control and settings on Facebook.

And ya, you can buy me a beer now.

Liar Liar! Bumble Bee Pants on Fire!

Me saddddddddddd…!

One of my fave places to eat, RED PIG has closed…!!!

To be honest, I haven’t gone to this perennial fave Korean restaurant of mine lately, but a dongsaeng told me that the lady boss has gone back to Korea and another Korean restaurant, Wang Daebak has taken over Red Pig.

Oh well, guess I shouldn’t sob too much. Look on the bright side, at least it’s still a Korean barbecue place…

And…. I was ooh’ing and aah’ing over WE GOT MARRIED, ya? Have you watched it yet?

wgm 1

Ep 5 was even more fun to watch!

And the FANS’ OBSERVATIONS AND COMMENTS are even fun-ner to read, hee!

This Song Jae Rim – Kim So Eun couple is just exhilarating to watch, jinjja!! Even people who haven’t been watching We Got Married have taken to watching it again for this couple! Hehe, I even read of peeps wishing, praying, hoping that they’ll be airing We Got Married everyday instead of every Saturday!

Like I’d shared in the earlier post, I got so intrigued by the couple that I’d gone to watch SURPLUS PRINCESS just to see Song Jae Rim. But it was a very breezily short 10-episode drama, so I lapped it all up in no time.

Well, one thing led to another… and I decided to google what Kim So Eun‘s busy with lately. Oooooh! She’s headlining a TVN drama! I love love love TVN dramas!

It’s called LIAR GAME, and it’s an adaptation of a Japanese manga. Let me rephrase that, it’s a mighty successful Japanese manga and there were TV dramas (two seasons!!) and films adapted from it in Japan too!

liar 1

Kim So Eun plays an innocent university student who got all tangled up in some TV show involving lying your way through the rounds to win the grand prize.

The guy on the left is LEE SANG YOON, who plays Professor Ha Woo Jin. He’s a genius at seeing through people’s lies. In fact, they refer to him as the human lie detector in the drama.

Hehe, just like in the drama, Lee Sang Yoon’s also a Seoul National University graduate in real life!

In case you didn’t know, that’s like the most prestigious university in Korea and the Koreans have a very very very high level of respect for SNU grads. I remember him from an episode in Running Man when the cast of Angel Eyes were guests on the show. There was some quiz round and he was really quite impressively smart! And oh, in case you’re curious, Lee Sang Yoon took physics in SNU…! They even used his real graduation photo in the drama!

And the other guy may look familiar to many of you. That’s Shin Sung Rok, the evil guy from My Love from the Star! He still plays the villain in this drama.

liar 3

The drama just started its run on Monday, so only two episodes have been out so far. It airs every Monday and Tuesday.

I just caught up with the two episodes over the Deepavali holiday yesterday. And I really like it!

Looks like I ain’t the only one to like it, judging from the rather positive reviews like THIS and THIS.

Perhaps it helps that I didn’t read the Japanese manga or watch the J-drama or movie, which are supposedly very good. So I was totally without expectations… was pleasantly surprised at the unusual plot and the good pacing.

After a while, even Lee Sang Yoon’s drooping puppy eyes began to look attractive to me ^o^


So funny! Free hugs and dancing involved! All at hustling-bustling Myeong Dong too, wakaka! Let’s hope we get to see these!

First episode’s rating was 0.8 something, and the second episode surpassed 1%…. Not too bad for cable TV dramas in case you’re not familiar. Hopefully the ratings keep going up.

liar 2

Oh, I read that there’re only 10 episodes in this drama. So short…!

Oh well, maybe it’s better this way, the pacing is probably gonna be a lot more exciting. Doubt there’ll be a fully developed love line though, probably just ‘some‘ (썸) *squeals*

And… woohoo! Looks like Dramabeans will be doing drama recaps! Someone loves it as much as I do! Check out the recap for the first episode HERE.

Must Watch Song Jae Rim on WGM!

Anyone watched Inspiring Generation? I know some of the KHJ fans amongst you might have.

I didn’t. Not a fan of KHJ’s acting and even less of a fan for period or most non-contemporary dramas. But those of you who had watched it will probably remember this guy.


Or maybe you’d watched The Moon That Embraces The Sun?

Yea, that’s a period drama, I know, but hehe, I’d watched that coz I was curious about Kim Soo Hyun after watching My Love From The Star. So, I couldn’t help but notice that cold, strong, silent imperial bodyguard of a friend…

Guess I’ve always had a thing for this kind of eyes – long, narrow sexy slits… (think So Ji Sub!)


Or maybe some of you might have seen him in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop? I read that he’s in that drama too *shrugs*

Why on earth am I talking about him? Coz he’s so hot funny smexy cheesy… oh, he’s ALL OF THE ABOVE in We Got Married (WGM)!!

Seriously, the Song Jae Rim x Kim So Eun couple is like nothing you’ve ever seen on WGM before! And you’re talking to someone who’s watched quite many seasons and couples of We Got Married, k?


This couple is freaking exciting to watch, and they’re uber funny too! The LATEST ONE (EP 4) was so fabulously niiiiice! Watch watch!

Of course, it helps that he’s not just eye-candy on the face, he has an extremely hot body too! The sexy banter and even the omnipresent sexual tension are just toooooo…. riveting!

And they’re only at episode 4! Which means you can easily catch up if you ain’t already watching. I highly recommend! Really really really recommend!

Kim So Eun’s a wonderful delight too! Never would have I thought that the sweet young thing in Boys Over Flower packs such attractive feistiness!

What a purrrrrfect match! Pun fully intended coz they’re both cat lover and yes, they both own cats!

Seriously, what are you still doing here on my blog? Go and watch it already!!

It’s available on 千寻影视 (qian-xun-ying-shi) app, or you can also watch it online HERE.

Since I’m so nice, I might as well give you the links to all four episodes aired so far!

Ep 1
Ep 2
Ep 3
Ep 4 *screamssss!*


If you watch it on Qian-xun, it’s the entire episode with all the three couples, but the Dailymotion links that I’d given you above are only the SJR-KSE cut ^^

If you’re curious and wanna watch the other couples on Dailymotion, click HERE.

(I absolutely adore Hong Jong Hyun! But Yura’s laughter can be a little overwhelming sometimes…. And I totally cannot stand the other couple, Hong Jin Young and Nam Goong Min. Hope they leave the show after their 200-day anniversary trip to Jeju!)

This is a very popular fansite when it comes to Korean variety shows and also anything relating to SNSD coz the owner of the site is a SONE (=SNSD fan). You can click HERE to check out what other shows she shares on her site.

Sorry, Chinese subs only coz I personally prefer Chinese subs since the Chinese language is a lot closer to the Korean language than English. the Chinese sites tend to be faster with their translation too!

We Got Married airs on Korean broadcasting station MBC every Saturday evening, so the Chinese-subbed vids are usually out by Sunday!


Did you see those arms? It appears that he doesn’t just have hot arms, his entire body is smokin’!

And after watching the first ep, I got incredibly excited and went to squeal on Twitter. FELLOW NOONA FAN YEN replied my tweet to tell me she’s just as besotted and we were yakking about how hot this guy is and all that jazz.

He’s one of those model-turned-actor! Think So Ji Sub (again, hee!) think LEE SOO HYUK, and think HONG JONG HYUN!


Anyway, yen told me Song Jae Rim’s appeared in a very recent TVN drama about some mermaid… Oh, I totally love TVN! It’s sorta brought back romantic comedies that I love love love to bits and pieces!

Besides, being a cable channel, it can afford to go a little racier and sexier than the usual TV stations *giggles*

Back to the TVN drama, it’s called SURPLUS PRINCESS. Song Jae Rim’s the second lead though.

The drama was supposed to be a 14-16 ep one, but unfortunately ratings wasn’t impressive enough and IT GOT TRIMMED DOWN TO 10!


Feel so sad for the cast coz they were obviously hoping that the drama would do well! i was just reading THIS COSMOPOLITAN INTERVIEW and they were still happily talking about the drama having 16 episodes…

The drama wasn’t that bad lah! A little silly and fluffy, but hey, don’t we all need a bit of marshmallow and cotton candy in our lives?

It was 10 episodes of light-hearted entertainment to me. And one of fave Korean entertainment sites SEOULBEATS agrees with me, yay!

And I can’ really talk about Song Jae Rim and this mermaid drama without at least giving his apple hips a mention!

So funny how the female lead, yessss, the mermaid, was so obsessed with his butt!


And omona! They were already indulging in some UNDERWATER DEEP KISSING (oh well, as deep as TV allows) in the first episode! And she grabbed his butt!!


Incidentally, my BFF is also following We Got Married religiously and fervently. Yes, coz of this electrifying couple, hehe! We got to talking about it over our KFC dinner last Saturday, and I shared with her thr apple hips part in the drama (since she ain’t watching it.)

Her response after I googled and showed her the apple hips photos from the drama? Aigoo, she said she wished he’d turn around! *screams and fans self*

Since he’s a model before…. there actually are a few photos of his… front… *blushes* (You may wanna click HERE if you’re a curious cat too. Shhhh…)

Before I go off for my oops-itz-already-so-late sleep, I’ll leave you with one more tidbit on Song Jae Rim.

Whoa, he was actually in one of 2NE1’s earlier MV! Song’s called Go Away, and he played CL’s abusive boyfriend.

Go watch, he was sporting longish hair during that time. HERE’s the link!

Chicken Up… Once More!

Remember MY CHICKEN UP OUTING with YYANN earlier this month?

That was a rather pleasant experience and I’d gone away telling myself I oughta go back for a return visit. Really wanna try the chicken and eat them while still piping hot this time! And, hehe, I was craving for andong chicken (Jjimdak)!

So… we went back to CHICKEN UP last night!

The most irritating thing about Chicken Up is that they don’ take reservations and I heard the waiting time can be one to two hours! I can’t imagine waiting that long for a table!

Anyway we decided to go early so that we had a better chance to get a table without waiting long. Dinner time starts from 5:30PM at Chicken Up and we managed to get one of the few remaining tables when we got there close to 6:30PM.

We had three different starters, three different types of chicken and we also had the andong chicken. My suggestion for everyone eating there is not to order everything at one go. Yup, consider pacing your orders so that food is served progressively and you can eat them while hot.

What’s better than yummylicious Korean Fried Chicken (KFC)?

Piping hot KFC!

Me a fan of tofu kimchi, so we ordered that.


I believe most places serve the tofu plain (and white, hee!) But at Chicken Up, they actually pan-fry the tofu. In case you haven’t tried this before, you might wanna know the kimchi’s served hot too, not cold like banchan (side dish).

My verdict? Not bad! But I suspect the chef has adapted the dish to suit local palette, so the kimchi is less fermenty-sour. Me hardcore, I like my kimchi ‘old’ ^^

Good as a starter, so go for it!

We also ordered the corn cheese, supposedly a specialty with a thumb-up symbol on the menu. We didn’t try this the last round, so was curious about how good this is.


Not sure if it’s me, but I kindda don’t think the cheesy taste goes that well with corn. The cheese overwhelms the corn and it’s a waste coz I totally couldn’t taste the sweetness of the corn.

I’d say this is missable.

I remember enjoying the seaweed roll with jabchae (Kim Mal E) the last round, so we ordered it again last night.


Hmmm… this was better the first time around. I still like the jabchae filling (me biiiiig fan of jabchae!), but can’t say I like the overall taste the second time I tried it last night. I think it was the sauce I didn’t like.

Perhaps I could ask them to serve it fried with no sauce the next round? Or I could just order the jabchae!

For the chicken, we had ordered the ganjang (soy) chicken first…. coz that’s my fave, keke! And it’s as tasty as I had rememberedit to be!


We also ordered the Yangnyum chicken, or what I called the niam-niam chicken. Hee, niam-niam is sticky in Hokkien! It’s OK, not my fave… think I prefer my KFC drier! Guess it really boils down to a matter of preference.


Next up is Spicy Up!

There are two spicy versions of KFC at Chicken Up. Spicy Up is the milder one, and the supposedly more lethal one is named Suicide.

I quite like Spicy Up. I think it brings out the essence of KFC very very well. Like I’d sharedbefore, KFC is about removing the fats under the skin and double-frying it. Yup, that’s how you get the uniquely crispy KFC!

It is quite spicy, but bearably and excitingly so! Go for it!


Saving the best for last! After polishing the KFC off the plates, we moved on to the andong chicken!

Don’t wanna repeat myself much since I’d already sorta reviewed this in that earlier post. This dish was as fab the second time around. Still, not quite the same as the andong chicken in Korea, but Chicken Up’s version is still a very sumptuous one.

The gravy here ain’t as thick and dense as those n Korea, and over in Korea, they’re also a lot more generous with the chicken, potatoes and glass noodles. And oh, the potatoes are a lot softer and melt-in-your-mouth over in Korea.


Where’s the boooooze, you’re asking?

Since we had already tried the rose soju, apple soju and pineapple soju, we decided to go ‘mainstream’ and order what every other table seems to be ordering at Chicken Up.

Zzang! Presenting watermelon soju ($38)!


They would halve the watermelon, dig out the watermelon flesh, blend it into a yummylicious juicy mesh, pour it back, and serve it at your table, complete with dry ice. Yah, it’s actually ‘steaming’ when the server brings the watermelon to your table. They would pour the soju from the bottle into the watermelon at your table.

And yes, you drink this with bowls.

Flower formation optional, haha!


The taste?

Refreshingly sweeeeeeeeet and niiiiice! If you don’t usually like soju, you might still wanna give this a try, coz the watermelon blend sorta takes away the bitterness and the ‘bite’ of soju.

imageIt’s not cheap to have a Korean meal in Singapore, and even more expensive if you wanna drink too.

So, you might wanna consider the Death by Chicken buffet and/or the all-you-can-drink-for-two-hours Drown by Beer.

Whenever I’m back from a trip in Korea, for months I’ll be lamenting why I didn’t eat more Korean food, and why I didn’t drink more and visit more makgeolli bars and all… It’s delicious and jinjja outstanding value-for-money over there!

We had a lot of fun last night, eating, drinking and yakking away! Hee, we took some welfies to ‘document’ the good times!

Reluctant to call it a night too early, we moved on to Miss Molly’s nearby for second round. Simple, little gem of a hipster cafe! And hehe, they’d put up cute little Halloween touches all around too! Here’s DANIEL FOOD DIARY’ SHORT INTRO on Miss Molly’s.

We were quite lucky to find the place half full when we arrived, coz it was full house soon after we were seated!

They’re famous for their rainbow cake, but hehe, we were too full from dinner to really eat cake.


The night ended on a rich and sweet note with this! (Okie, I ‘stole’ the photo from Emz…)


Chicken Up
Hours: (Lunch, Mon-Fri) 12nn to 2:30pm
Dinner (Mon-Thu) 5:30pm to 2am, (Fri/Sat) 5:30pm to 3am, (Sun) 5:30pm to 12am
Tel: +65 6327 1203 / 9655 9088
48 Tanjong Pagar Road (S)088469

MRT: Tanjong Pagar Station, Exit A
Chicken Up is at the end of Tanjong Pagar Road, towards the Maxwell direction. It is next to 2D1N BBQ restaurant.

Opening Hours: (Mon-Fri) 11:30AM to 11:00PM,
(Sat) 12:00 to 11:00PM, (Sun & PH) Closed
Tel: +65 6222 2671
2 Craig Road (S)089662