#LoveWins… Even If Just For This Weekend




Did you wake up to a Facebook feed of rainbows, #LoveWins quotes and all things nice? Hehe, there’re even some jokes about how some older folks were checking with their kids if it’s National Rainbow Day or something.


I really like the Visa ones. It brings out the gay marriage agenda and yet the brand retains their own ‘wide acceptance‘ flavour.

Love. Accepted Everywhere.


Visa ain’t the only brand that’s either embracing this or some people might say, jumping onto the bandwagon. Check out MASHABLE’s ARTICLE to see who else have.


Not just brands, individuals too have been quick to express their support too.  Mark Zuckerberg was amongst one of the first to say and in fact, do something.

Check out his profile pic on Facebook!

And he even showed how the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community has been growing. Or perhaps it’s more a case of the community feeling more comfortable to come out.

Do you see your friends’ profile pics touched with rainbow? Yea, they’d used the FACEBOOK CELEBRATE PRIDE TOOL.

OK, gotta make sure all of us here DO know that it’s not National Rainbow Day. Just in case there really are people who haven’t heard what’s with all the rainbowy stuff going on…

Basically, the Supreme Court (US) has legalized gay marriages.

Yup, the loooooong battle to make same-sex marriage legal across the US has finally seen a win last Friday (hehe, which is sorta Saturday in our side of the world.)

Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy read out the court’s decision to a room waiting with baited breath. HIS CLOSING STATEMENT was a beautiful tribute to the power of love:

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrates, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to finds its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The constitution grants them that right. The judgement of the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit is reversed.

It is so ordered.


President Obama, too, said something about this. But wait, before that, did you hear about how the media’s calling this OBAMA’s BEST WEEK! There’s even a A HILARIOUS VIDEO ABOUT THIS ON HUFFINGTON.

Anyway, here’s what the very charismatic leader (and public speaker!) has to say about this humongous milestone for advocates of same-sex marriage.

And check out how the White House turned into an astoundingly beautiful rainbow house!


For the record, I’m straight. And still for the record, I really don’t care if other people are straight or whatsoever. To me, a person’s sexual orientation is something personal.

It’s none of my business who other people choose to love. So long as other people don’t bother me with how I live, or better yet, don’t be too judgey, they can fancy whoever they fancy. So long as no humans and animals are hurt during the process.

I like to believe we live in a free world, and I believe we should and can LIVE AND LET LIVE. After all, there are sooooo many people in the world, surely we can’t all be the same, ya? Diversity abounds in humankind. Even if we cannot understand or explain why other people don’t see or feel the way we do, it does not necessarily mean that the other people are wrong and we are right.

Maybe we are just different. It takes all kinds to make the world. They don’t come up with stuff like ‘All roads lead to Rome‘ for nothing, you know. I like to read that as there are many different ways to get to the same destination.



And don’t forget, happiness and success, too, mean different things to different people.


So what about Singapore? Are we ready to be more open to the LGBT community?

I know of many people who think so, and are openly advocating for more freedom and rights for the LGBT community.

There’s even a PINK DOT EVENT that takes place every June. Each year, they get more and more big-name sponsors, more and more famous ambassadors and yes, the turnout also grows from year to year.

For the most recent Pink Dot that happened just a couple of weeks ago, at Hong Lim Park as usual, some 28,000(!) people turned up. Of course, not all are LGBT, many are in fact straight people who want to lend their voice to the so-called #FreedomToLove cause. Some parents even brought their kids so a to educate them to be more all-embracing.



But there’re some quarters in our society who are less ready to accept this. Yup, mainly the religious groups, particularly the Christians and Muslims. Since last year, a few more vocal ones even came out to encourage the pro-family people to WEAR WHITE on the Pink Dot event day where their supporters traditionally wear pink.

Don’t get why the intolerance, to be honest. From my point of view, it is just one day out of 365 days that the LGBT community wants to hold an event and wear pink collectively. Why can’t just let them be?


And quite recently, our PM LEE was also asked about HIS VIEWS ON THE LGBT ISSUE.

Long story short, PM Lee doesn’t think Singapore is ready for same-sex marriage since our society is still conservative. But he does acknowledge that the tide is changing gradually. He’d also said,

But the gay community have the space to live their lives in Singapore. We do not harass them or discriminate against them.

Where we are, I think, is not a bad place to be.


Know what? I agree with him.

While I am all for letting everyone make up their own mind who they wanna fall in love with, who they wanna spend the rest of their lives with, I can totally understand why most of us still would not want the LGBT community to set the tone for Singapore society.

Call me traditional, or call me Asian if you like (hehe, actually I am Asian!), but I believe rather firmly that family as a foundation is important. And I am largely supportive of the current ruling party’s pro-family stance and hence, policies. If so, given our limited land and other resources, it is only logical that policies would slant towards family units.


One of the main gripes of the LGBT community is that they cannot buy a HDB flat, since they can’t form a family necleus in the traditional sense with their same-sex partner. But hey, the same housing rule is applicable to singles too, alrighty? So it’s not like the rule’s there just to make things difficult for the LGBT community.

Surely most of us are logical enough to understand that the government cannot go all foot-loose and free up the rulings such that everyone is allowed access to subsidized flats. And hey, it’s not like we have no recourse, you know. If you have the money, you can always buy a private property. And if not, just wait till you’re 35 years old. Meanwhile, you can always continue to live with your family, or go rent a place if you really want, need and can afford the privacy.


I am with PM Lee in that there is space for the gay community, but they gotta be careful not to push their agenda too hard. Why? Coz if they push the agenda too hard, there will potentially be very strong pushback from the more conservative (and possibly religious) sections.

The country is not restricting your freedom to love, but within the parameters of the law and policiies, we are still largely Asian and family-focused. For most of us here, this is how we’ve chosen life to be.


Guess it’s hard to talk about this topic without touching on what THE LATE LKY had said, ya? He was, to many people’s surprise, quite tolerant and understanding.

Here, a very interesting exerpt from his Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going book,

Homosexuality – It’s in the genes
(pp 377 – 380)

As in many societies, the issue of homosexuality is controversial in Singapore. From the heated parliamentary debates in 2007 over whether to retain or repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code, which prohibits sex between men (it was eventually retained), to the unease over homosexual content in student sex education manuals, the subject polarises the public. It was no surprise then that we received questions on this topic from both sides of the conservative-liberal divide, including one that asked how Lee would feel if one of his grandchildren were gay.


Q: What is your personal view on being gay? Do you think it’s a lifestyle or is it genetic?

A: No, it’s not a lifestyle. You can read the books you want, all the articles. There’s a genetic difference, so it’s not a matter of choice. They are born that way and that’s that. So if two men or two women are that way, just leave them alone. Whether they should be given rights of adoption is another matter because who’s going to look after the child? Those are complications that arise once you recognise that you could actually legally marry, then you say I want to adopt. Vivian Balakrishnan says it’s not decisively proven. Well, I believe it is. There’s enough evidence that some people are that way and just leave them be.


Q: This is more of a personal question, but how would you feel if one of your grandchildren were to say to you that he or she is gay?

A: That’s life. They’re born with that genetic code, that’s that. Dick Cheney didn’t like gays but his daughter was born like that. He says, “I still love here, full-stop.” It’s happened to his family. So on principle he’s against it but it’s his daughter. Do you throw the daughter out? That’s life. I mean none of my children is gay, but if they were, well, that’s that.


Q: So what do you see is an obstacle to gay couples adopting children? You said, who’s going to look after the child?

A: Who’s going to bring them up? Two men looking after a child? Two women looking after a child, maybe. But I’m not so sure because it’s not their own child. Unless you have artificial insemination and it’s their own child, then you have a certain maternal instinct immediately aroused by the process of pregnancy. But two men adopting a boy or a girl, what’s the point of it? These are consequential problems, we cross the bridge when we come to it. We haven’t come to that bridge yet. The people are not ready for it. In fact, some ministers are not ready for it. I take a practical view. I said this is happening and there’s nothing we can do about it. Life’s like that. People are born like that. It’s not new, it goes back to ancient times. So I think there’s something in the genetic code.


Q: It took time for Singaporeans to be able to accept single women MPs. Do you see Singaporeans being able to accept a gay MP? It’s already happening in a fairly widespread fashion in Europe.

A: As far as I am concerned, if she does her work as an MP, she looks after her constituents, she makes sensible speeches, she’s making a contribution, her private life is her life, that’s that. There was a British minister, I shouldn’t name him, a Conservative. He was out of office but he was hoping to become the leader of the party and we had dinner with a few friends. He thought he had to come out upfront that when he was at university at Oxford, he did get involved in same-sex activities. But he’s married now with children, he’s quite happy. So he came out with it. He didn’t become leader of the party, and that’s Britain. He thought he had come out upfront and it’d protect him him from investigative reporting. It did not help him. But had he kept quiet they would have dug it out, then it’s worse for him. So there you are. You know, there are two standards. It’s one thing the people at large, it’s another thing your minister or your prime minister being such a person. I mean Ted Heath [16] was not married. I shouldn’t say who the ministers were who said he’s a suppressed homosexual. So the opposition party leaders were telling me because it’s very strange. Here’s a man in the prime of life and getting on, 40, 50, still not married, single, and he was that way at Oxford. So they said, suppressed homosexual. That’s the opposition talk by very reputable leaders who tell me that seriously. So? And with it of course is disapprobation, that he’s unworthy to be a leader. But that was in the early 1970s.


Q: Did you come to this view on homosexuality just through scientific reasoning alone?

A: No, by my observation and historical data. I mean, in the Ottoman empire, they had a lot of it. And there was one story that D. H. Lawrence was captured in Arabia and they sodomised him. The Ottomans had their share of homosexuals and I’m sure there were also women in the harems. So? So be it.


Q: What about your acquaintances or your friends growing up throughout life, were any of them gay as well?

A: I’m not sure about acquaintances, but not my friends. I mean, they were all married. But I’m sure there must have been. This is not something which is recent, it goes back into historic times. And you have animals sometimes acting that way. So it’s not just human beings, there’s something in the genetic code.


Q: So is this one aspect where the conservative views of society are diametrically to your own practical view?

A: I’m not the prime minister, I told you that before I started. If I were the prime minister I would hesitate to push it through against the prevailing sentiment, against the prevailing values of society. You’re going against the current of the people, the underlying feeling. What’s the point of that, you know, breaking new ground and taking unnecessary risk? It will evolve over time, as so many things have, because after a while my own sort of maturing process will take place with other people. You don’t just live and then you cut off your ideas after a certain time. You keep on living and you watch people and you say, “Oh that’s the way life is”.


Q: But are you, personally speaking, frustrated by this conservatism?

A: No. I take a purely practical view.


Q: But are you frustrated by how this conservatism is perhaps opposed to the practical view?

A: No, that is life. I can’t change them overnight. I think society , their own experiences, their own reading, their own observations will bring about change despite their innate biases.


Click HERE if you’re keen to read more about what LKY thought about the subject of homosexuality.

Yea, it’s really a matter of time. But the time is not now.

Like what LKY had said, we have a part Muslim, another part conservative older Chinese and Indians, it’s best to go it slowly. We have to be careful so as to maintain social and racial harmony. Not everything in the world is about the pursuit of ideals and exercising our freedom of choice and expression to the fullest. It’s a lot to do with balancing our freedom with other people’s, and the delicate part is in how we’re all so blardy different.

But when it’s time, when we’re ready, we will know it. And come that time, nothing will stop it from happening coz it will come naturally.

For now, perhaps we should just live and let live. And respect others’ views as much as we want ours respected.


Of late, there’s a BLOGGER whose writing I’ve come to enjoy. Her posts are typically short, but so alive with sassiness and personality. I wish I write like her.

Anyway, saw this on her INSTAGRAM.

No union is more profound than marriage, for it embodies the highest ideals of love, fidelity, devotion, sacrifice, and family. In forming a marital union, two people become something greater than once they were. As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death. It would misunderstand these men and women to say they disrespect the idea of marriage. Their plea is that they do respect it, respect it so deeply that they seek to find its fulfillment for themselves. Their hope is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right. #LoveWins ❤️

A photo posted by Flora (@floraisabelle) on


Wish wish wish people are more tolerant. At least for this weekend. It’s a win for the LGBT community after decades of championing and all that. Wish we could just let them bask in the happiness for a bit. You know, like don’t rain on their parade? (But oh wait, LKY did say no gay parades here for now ^^)

Perhaps there’ll be people who say I don’t understand since I ain’t a Christian nor am I Muslim, hence I don’t get how the LGBT acts are all deeds of sin or whatever the heck they wanna label it. Can’t argue with it, since I really don’t know. But that doesn’t mean I ain’t entitled to my own views. Last I checked, views and opinons are personal, and even agnostic people like me are entitled to them.

There are so many other things that can do with more care and attention than the LGBT issue. Heck, I’ll just come outright and say it. There are more (and perhaps bigger?) sins than LGBT acts.

Besides, the world that we live in is falling sick. There are so many problems everywhere we look. Surely these LGBT-concerned parties can go concern themselves with other things like saving mother earth or helping poor children, rather than to worry themselves about what happens in other people’s bedrooms?

Of course that’s just me and my runaway thoughts expressed in my personal blog.

And oh, THIS is a pretty good read, no matter which side of the fence you’re sitting on.


Anyway, wanna leave you with some rather interesting food for thought. Not sure about you, but I had a ‘Ya hor?!‘ moment when I read it.

Image Credits: visa.tumblr, pinkdot.sg


Am feeling a little sad….!

My blog numbers have dropped soooo much! Then again, I guess I only have myself to blame, what with the terribly inconsistent and infrequent postings.

Or is it because of MERS? I mean, I know many people pop over here coz they’re looking for info relating to all things Korean, has interest dropped coz of MERS?


Hmmm… By the way, if you think MERS is still mostly six hours away, think again!

I agree that it’s JUST A MATTER OF TIME before the first case hits us. And I’m also rather reassured by what PM Lee has said about how SINGAPORE IS READY TO MANAGE THE SITUATION should the virus really hit us.


Many of us still remember the SARS experience over a decade ago.

It hit us during the period between Nov 2002 and Jul 2003. A total of 8,096 cases were reported globally, out of which 238 cases were in Singapore. As for the number of lives claimed, SARS killed 774 people worldwide, including China (349 deaths), Hong Kong (299 deaths), Canada (43 deaths), Taiwan (37 deaths) and Singapore (33 deaths).

sars scienceclarified


Other than the tragic loss of lives, I can recall how businesses suffered very badly too. Our part of the world experienced SARS and we know the damage it brought. And that ordeal also taught us better on how to prepare the ground and everyone else how to manage when something like that strikes.

More importantly, we’ve learnt how not to take these things lightly. It can cost lives and of course, livelihoods too.


But not Korea.

I guess not having experienced SARS firsthand, they failed to appreciate the severity of things, and most reports and accounts seem to indicate that the government bodies themselves were not prepared. And the general public? I guess it’s mostly a case of ‘Ya, I know it’s serious, but no, it won’t happen to me.’

So in the beginning, people were not careful enough and there were even talks of how people wearing masks were mocked by others. And foreigners (especially the Chinese, HongKongers and and Taiwanese who remember the pain of SARS) who were visibly A LOT more concerned than the Koreans were even chided and told to go home.

Koreans suspected of being infected were quarantined, but they did not take it seriously, and went out and roam around, coming into contact with many, many people. Utterly irresponsible, yea, I know.

But I guess they really had no idea. That, and OLD HABITS DIE HARD.


Understand that THINGS ARE SORTA GETTING BETTER NOW, as the number of new cases and deaths keeps going up and with more public education, the Koreans are taking things more seriously now. I believe the number of MERS cases stands at 166 and the death toll is at 24 in Korea.


If you’re still here reading this, then you must know that the majority (75%!) of South Korea’s tourists is from surrounding Asian countries, particularly China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, yea, the countries scarred by Sars previously. So you can imagine how they must have stayed away and how Korea’s feeling the pinch from the loss in tourism dollars.


mers airport cnn


Guess what?

The Korean government has put aside 72 billion won (US$64 million dollars) to give to 17 different ‘touristy’ areas in Korea as soft loans with a low interest rate. It will also spent up to 1 billion won (US$895,000 dollars) in advertising.

PRETTY GRAND PLANS, I’d say. Effective or not?

Beats me. *SHRUGS*


It gets ‘better‘.

In order to ease the minds of tourists who are willing to brave a trip to Korea this summer, the Korean government has also said they will pay for all the medical and even vacation expenses IF you catch MERS during your visit. AND, they will also give you another US$3,000 as compensation. In the unfortunate event of death from contracting MERS during the trip to Korea, the victim’s family will also be compensated up to 100 million won, or approximately US$90,000 dollars.

Yea, me too wonder if this will work.

Kindda doubt it… I mean, if I’m scary-cat about it, I really wouldn’t change my mind and go just because I know that I get my money back, including the medical fees, if I contract MERS. Or just because I know that my family will get some money if I die from MERS. Right??



OK, if you still don’t know much about what MERS is, despite the media bombarding us about it for weeks now, perhaps it’s time you sit up and pay some attention. Coz THAILAND HAS ALREADY GOTTEN ITS FIRST MERS CASE.

With such inter-connectivity and with Singaporeans travelling so much, it’s hard to believe MERS wouldn’t hit us. So, it’s best to at least try to learn what MERS is all about and see how to stay safe and stay healthy. After all, prevention is better than cure, they say.


VOX is currently one of my fave news sites. While they don’t do breaking news and all, what they do is they try to explain the news. I like the layout of the site, the navigation, the flow and even it’s entire look and feel. And I like even more that they try to break big or important news and hot trending topics into plain language. The clarity is fab.


And oh, I also like this piece by VULCAN POST, super clear about the key things you need to know about MERS.

So now, shoo, go read!


Image Credits: scienceclarified.com, cnn.com, SCMP.com

Come Back Home (Updated)

Am sure you’ve read or at least heard about the #SabahQuake up in Mount Kinabalu, and that some of our own are involved.

The press conference earlier seemed to point to bad news for the students and two teachers from Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS) who are still unaccounted for, but guess they won’t reveal the identities until the bodies have been identified and families notified.

Did you see how treacherous the climb and trek is? What with the risk of aftershocks and rocks that might still befall the climbers stuck on Mount Kinabalu.

Sharing some pics that I’d gotten from HERE,





Not sure how true, though I’m inclined to believe that it’s true. There’s talk that the Sabahan authorities in Malaysia didn’t act quickly enough after the quake happened yesterday morning. And they also didn’t try hard enough.

It appears that the mountain guides, porters and park rangers decided not to wait and took it upon themselves to go help the climbers who were stuck. (Trans in the comments of post below)

Also read that the weather conditions were bad this today (heavy fog) and so they couldn’t use the helicopter.  At least for a period of time during the day today. This means that the injured (and even dead) would have to be carried down by the rescue team. And they had to do it quickly too, before sunset.


And one of our own was found and rescued. It was mountain guide Ridwan Mhd Rizuan Kauninin who had carried the boy on his back down to receive medical attention. (Found out that I’d gotten his name wrong yesterday, and do read more about the rescue HERE.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Got some pics from HERE.






The mother of this Singapore son from TKPS had also expressed her gratitude to the rescue team.



These are really the #UnsungHeroes. After all, no one has said anything about paying them whatsoever, and they really don’t have to risk their own necks to go up there. Big respect!

Am sooooo… touched! #FaithinHumanityRestored!


I also came across a post that’s terribly upsetting, but I’ve no way of verifying if the claims are true. It’s apparently penned by an Aussie woman climber who had survived the quake. Her internet access was intermittent and she wanted her friends to help share and spread her post so that the media would report what really happened on-ground.

Know what? If true, then the people-in-charge have blood on their hands.

Let’s hope the truth gets out.


PM Lee has also shared his prayer and thoughts about this unfortunate incident.

In fact, not just him. Many ministers, MPs, personalities and yes, ordinary folks like you and me, too, are saddened and concerned about this.

Minister for Education, Mr Heng Swee Keat, too, has been updating the developments on Facebook. And I’ve read that he had also met the families of the affected students yesterday and also sent them off as they flew to Sabah early this morning.

The latest news that’s coming through is that they’ve recovered some bodies. I’m almost afraid to check the news now.


And… did you read about how the Sabah deputy Chief Minister and in fact, quite a number of Sabahans have come out to say that THE QUAKE WAS BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE TOURISTS WHO HAD STRIPPED NAKED At MOUNT KINABALU?

You can read more about this story HERE and check out the pics HERE.

Guess for most of us, our first and natural reaction to reading something like this would be to laugh or scoff at the idea.

C’mon, what century is this already?! Why would anyone think that some disrespectful and annoying exhibitionists doing a full monty would bring about an earthquake?!


I’ll confess. Although I didn’t laugh, I did think it was ridiculous.

Until I read this. And I think you should too.

This IS a different perspective.

I took a step back and reflect a little. And oh my, I feel nearly ashamed of myself. So utterly inconsiderate, insensitive and disrespectful I had been.

Like I’d said on FB, of course I still don’t believe that the #Sabah #Earthquake was caused by those foreigners who had stripped naked at Mount Kinabalu and even released a series of naked photos, but I think I can understand why the Sabahans are upset.

Travelers are mere ignorant tourists if we fail to appreciate the differences between the locals and us, and if we fail to respect differences between cultures.


And mind you, the Sabahans are hardly the only ones who attach spiritual significance to their mountains.

In Shintoism, mountains are believed to be the dwelling places of spirits. So it’s hardly surprising that in Japan, Mount Fuji is sacred to the goddess Sengen-Sama and an embodiment of the very spirit of nature.

The Koreans, too, believe in san-shin (山神), which are essentially guardian spirits residing in mountains.

Anyway, we’re adults, and we’re expected to know when it’s appropriate to keep our clothes on or off. If unsure, those people should have just stayed home.

Those tourists are apparently still in Sabah, and various media outlets have reported that THEY WILL BE STOPPED FROM LEAVING UNTIL INVESTIGATIONS ARE OVER. You can also click HERE for more details.

Well, I think even if the causal effect ain’t real, the disrespect was.


And oh, since I’ve already been urging you to read this and that, I might as well add this too. This is from the mother of one of the students who had participated in the same leadership course last year.


Gonna leave you with Come Back Home by 2NE1, which was also played a lot during the SEWOL INCIDENT IN SOUTH KOREA.


Nine Layers of Steamed Shells!

Watch this! *SCREAMS!*


Some of you might have already seen this. KBS TV program (생생정보통) featured this restaurant last December. That ignited a loooooong trail of customers waiting to sample the yummies from the tower of shellfish, yup, from locals and foreigners.

Not sure if it’s still wildly popular now, since I haven’t had a chance to try it myself. I love love love shellfish anything! Like prawns, crabs, mussels, clams, etc etc etc! So I thought I’ll blog this out so that I can refer to it easily when it’s my turn to go.


The restaurant name is 무한조개구이까까

They’re famous for their nine-layer steamed shells (9단조개찜), or what the Chinese refer to as 九層蒸貝殼. The unique point is that the food is served in layers of steamers.



What’s Steaming in the Nine Layers?

I googled a little to check out what each layer is, so here we go! Believe there could be variations from season to season, depending on the availability of the shellfish.

Layer 1: Cuttlefish, soondae, steamed dumpling
Layer 2: Crab, octopus
Layer 3: Pen shell (Kidney scallop)
Layer 4: Mixed shell
Layer 5: Oyster
Layer 6: Cheese scallop
Layer 7: Clams
Layer 8: Conch, eggs
Layer 9: (Spicy) seafood soup (can add noodles)



I’ve read some blog posts on this restaurant, and most people have said that the nine-layer order can feed five to eight people. This is 75,000KRW.

If you’re in a smaller group, there are smaller options. You can go for the 3-layer option at 39,000KRW, or 4-layer portion at 49,000KRW, or 5-layer portion at 59,000 KRW.

Probably better to go in a bigger party if you wanna have variety.



Words of Caution!

Now I came across a couple of blog posts that said that portion’s really quite big, so by the time they were midway through the tower, they were already too full.

Plus, there’s only one way of cooking if you order the tower, so everything’s steamed without any seasoning, but after awhile, it gets a little bland. Everyone has said that the food’s very fresh though.

So I guess if you’re the sort who likes your food with a stronger taste, then this might not be to your liking, consider yourself pre-warned!


But hehe, many of us are probably intrigued by the towering presentation, so we might still order this for photos. I need to also warn you that if you order the nine-layer tower, it’s too tall to send the food to you at one go. So what happens if they will bring the nine layers to you in two servings.

If you wanna take photos of nine layers, you may have to ask the staff for help, or take them empty after you’ve finished your food.

The restaurant has two types of table settings. If you’re ordering the steamed shellfish, then you will be led to tables without the grill.



What About Grill?

The other types of tables are with the grill. I was saying just now that some people may find the steamed version too plain, ya? So, the grilled version should be more exciting; in fact, it seems like quite many Koreans prefer the grill version.

For the grill version, you can refer to the menu that’s hung on the wall. I understand that the restaurant has added Chinese onto the menu, and someone also shared that they’ve hired Mandarin-speaking staff too.


But just so you’ve a rough idea of how much everything is, I’ll just do a rough trans. Note that prices are subject to change lah, hehe!

Grill (unlimited serving or buffet style)
Adult 18,000 KRW per head
Kids (7yo and below) 7,000 KRW, (13yo and below) 9,000 KRW


If you don’t want buffet style and prefer a la carte order, you can choose to order mixed platter of clams and shellfish in three different sizes (39,000 KRW, 49,000 KRW or 59,000 KRW).

Seafood Kalguksu 5,000 KRW
Seafood ramyeon 4,000 KRW
Ramyeon 3,000 KRW
Rice 2,500 KRW


As for drinks, beer is 4,000 KRW, soju 3,500 KRW and Makgeolli 3,000 KRW and Baesekju is 8,000 KRW. Soft drinks should be 2,000 KRW.



How to get there?
The restaurant is located in a neighbourhood in Bongcheon-dong, near the Seoul National University.

924-40, Bongcheon-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea
주소: 서울시 관악구 봉천동 924-40
Tel: +82-2-876-8687
** They only take in walk-in reservations
(Mon – Sat) 4pm till late
(Sun) 3pm till late


Bongcheon (奉天站) subway station (Line 2), Exit 6
Take the escalator, keep walking till you come to a junction. Turn left and keep walking till you come to the next junction. You will see the restaurant across the road (right side). Cross the road to the opposite side and walk towards your right.



Image Credits: rina, windko0813.pixnet.net

I ♡ Music!

It’s 2am Sunday night. Or technically, it’s actually Monday morning already.

Why do Sundays always pass so quickly?



Time to crawl out from my cave and face the world and face people again.

Was a superb weekend. My folks were away in Kukup for a short getaway and I had the whole house to myself, loveliest feeling on earth, sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my folks to bits and pieces, but I also love spending time with just me, myself and I.

Ordered fast food and did lots of (useless, hah!) reading whilst blasting music in the background.

Gotta love music. I’ve always loved music, don’t you?


Talking about music, the #DANCINGMAN must really love music too.

Back in March, someone fat-shamed a man who was dancing in a club in the US. The fat-shaming happened both offline and online. Here, take a look at the post.



Thank goodness there’s still sensibility and goodness in humankind! Activist CASSANDRA tweeted that she and a group of ladies would like to hunt down #DancingMan and invite him to dance with them.

Yes, over 1,700 of ’em, ladies *giggles*

Anyway, turns out that the man’s Sean from Liverpool, England. He responded to the call and said, he loves to dance, and would like to take up the ladies’ offer.



Fast forward two months later…

YAY! THAT DANCE HAPPENED! Celebrities like Pharrell and Moby who had tweeted support back in March actually showed up to perform at the dance over the weekend! Even MONICA LEWINSKY was at the party!


But seriously, why and how do shapes and sizes matter if someone wants to dance? If anyone feels like dancing, they should just go ahead and dance! Don’t see how it’s any of other people’s business to care if a stick-thin person or a bigger person is dancing.

It’s a free world, last I checked, so harlow, live and let live a little, ya?


Hee, this is gonna sound a little cheesy, but really, it’s all about the bass!! Earlier in the day before the dance, Sean actually got to dance with MEGHAN TRAINOR!


Yes, Meghan Trainor of All About the Bass fame! The lyrics are just soooo… apt!

‘… I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do
‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
And all the right junk in all the right places’

‘… don’t worry about your size…’
‘… You know I won’t be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll…’


Here, listen to the super-catchy tune here!


And I’m a big fan of the Kpop audition show, KPOP STAR, ya? Watched all four seasons, and loved ’em all!

Two hot favourites, Katie Kim and Lily M, from the show also put up a live performance of All About the Bass once.

And oh, Katie Kim’s the winner of Season 4, and SHE CHOSE TO JOIN YG. Wooooohoo!

Yea, me happy coz I like this girl and love her soulful voice (low like Lee Hi’s!) Here, check out some pics of HERE when she visited YG after winning first place!



She’s so funny!

So different when she’s singing and when she’s not! When she’s up onstage singing, you would never have guessed she’s such a blur girl offstage who speaks in such a weirdly slow pace, hehe! Oh well, YG’s always a fab place for characters who are a little weird or 4D, hehe!

Can’t wait for her debut album!


Meanwhile, will leave you with the MV of a sultry tune that I’m so in love with these days, Girl Crush by Little Big Town.


Image Credits: mirror.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk