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i love to travel, what about you?

what i love the most about traveling to a foreign country is how people can be so different and yet, so similar. the culture and the behaviour may be different, but the emotions are so similar.

perhaps the concept of travel differs from person to person. perhaps the reasons why people travel vary from person to person too. to me, travel is about seeing another country, experiencing another culture, and getting a taste of how a foreigner lives. along the way, you learn something about a foreign culture, and you usually end up learning more about yourself too.

i dislike tour groups for the very reason that it’s simply an act of bringing a group of tourists to touristy places, take touristy photos, eat touristy food and for them to interact with people who are very used to tourists. and oh, when on a tour group, you hardly interact with anyone except the people on your same tour group. so now, have you really experienced a different culture? can you really remember all the touristy sights that you’ve seen, and how they’ve come to be? and can you really say you’ve visited another country and experienced their culture?

to each his or her own *shrugs*

if it’s up to me, i’d say everyone oughta go on a solo trip for at least once in his or her life. trust me, you’d really get to know yourself better when ‘forced’ to live with you.

sidetracking a little here…. i know that lots of girls ain’t comfortable with stuff like eating alone, watching movies alone and let alone traveling alone. and i suspect that most of them don’t wanna do things alone for fear of what others may think. but seriously, such self-conscious thoughts are totally unnecessary. other people really don’t think about us that much, and so why let what you think others might think of you dictate what you do or don’t do?

what’s wrong with eating or traveling alone? you think other people will take one look at your and decide that you must be an awful person, so awful that you can’t find friends to eat or travel with? nay, i don’t think so. after all, do YOU look at a woman who’s eating on her own or traveling on her own and think that she’s such a loser who has no friends? you don’t, right? so what makes you think other people will think that of you?

one of the saddest things in life is to let others’ perception stop you from doing things. and even sadder…. they might not even be thinking about you at all in the first place.

anyway, i digress…. haha, despite the long hiatus from blogosphere, some things never change! yours truly is still the queen of rambling posts and digression!

the whole point of me even pennning this blog post is to share some of my fave travel quotes! here they come…!

“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener

“When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” – Clifton Fadiman

and guess what? i’m now on my fourth trip for this year! went to seoul for about three weeks earlier this year; and went to bangkok twice in june, although one of the two bangkok trips was purely for work. i’ve just touched down in bangkok today!

don’t know what’s gotten into me either. i came from not ever harboring any interest to visit bangkok to making my third trip here this year! and mind you, the year hasn’t ended yet and don’t be too surprised if i head back here again, k? since i’ve already gone back to the ‘real work world’, there’s this thing called limited annual leave *sighs*

can’t do frequent long trips no more… but guess the wanderlust in me is here to stay, so hee, a girl’s still gotta make some short trips, ya? don’t wanna go any of the other southeast asian cities, and i haven’t got enough days to go play in hong kong or taiwan. hmmm… so if we want something cheap, near and easy, then bangkok easily tops the list. (that must be why half the peeps in singapore going for short getaways all choose bangkok!) else how to explain why bangkok is forever crawling with singaporeans?

am here with my parents this round. yea, trying to spend some quality time with them and also so that they can have a break from the mundane days back home.

am thinking to update my FB with photos on the go for this trip. click HERE if you’re interested to check out my probably-interesting pics.

Long Time No See.


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it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? how long has it been since i stopped blogging? can’t remember for sure, but probably close to a year or more.

kindda strange that i could even stay away for this long. i mean, this is ME we’re talking about… me who loves loves loves to write, and me, one of the very early adopters in this whole blogging business. yea, i was blogging from as early as july 2005!

i was someone who loved loved loved blogging and for those years that i was blogging, i was someone who never seemed to run out of things to blog about. every little thing that i saw, heard, read or felt could turn into words in my little blog. there was even a period of time i was blogging not just everyday, but churning out three to five posts a day too! mind you, those were days when i was holding a rather busy and senior full-time job too. guess there’s a lot of truth in what they say about how time is what you make of it.

and i’d be the first to admit it. while i really loved (and still love) writing, i loved as much having readers. of course i was never one of those ultra-popular or uber-glamourous bloggers, but i had my fair share of followers. i never doubted the fact that i probably wouldn’t have sustained that long as a blogger had there been no readers. during the days when i was actively blogging, the blog would see something like 800 to 1,200 readers everyday. and when there’re ‘exciting’ posts, readership could hit over 1,500 in a single day.

never did figure out why the readers stuck around my boring old blog. i mean, why would anyone be interested to hear my random thoughts and read about what i’d eaten that day?

wish i did unravel the mystery of why my blog mysteriously had followers though; coz if i did, then i can now use those ‘tricks’ to quickly gain some readers.

anyway, the day i renewed this domain name i should have known i could never really stay away.